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CookinGenie Winter Giveaway 2022 – Time for Some Holiday Cheer

Winter Giveaway Banner

Welcome! We’re glad to announce the start of the CookinGenie Winter Giveaway 2022. 

The CookinGenie Winter Giveaway is a sweepstake for one CookinGenie gift card worth $200. The winner can redeem this gift card on till February 28th, 2023, for orders in the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. The e-gift card covers an in-home dining experience from CookinGenie that should cover a meal for 4-6 people. However, the winner is free to club the gift card with a cash payment for higher-value orders. 


  • Be sure to follow @cookin.genie or like the @cookingenie page. 
  • Submit up to 3 extra entries. You can do this by: 
    • Entering using a second social media platform. 
    • Posting your photographs with the hashtags #HostingMadeEasy #IDreamOfGenie.  
  • Submitting extra entries makes sure you can maximize your chances of winning. 

Here are the contest details and rules. Please read these carefully. 

First, some disclaimers 

The CookinGenie Winter Giveaway is a sweepstake for one CookinGenie e-gift card worth $200.  

No purchase is required to enter or win this contest. The contest is only valid in the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. CookinGenie can only fulfill the order in the cities we operate in. The contest is void where prohibited by law. 

The contest is only open to people who participate through Facebook and Instagram. Having a Facebook and/or Instagram account is required to participate. 

Entry is only valid for adults (people over 18 years old), who follow/like the CookinGenie social media account/page.  

The contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Meta Platforms, Inc., its subsidiaries, products, or services, including Facebook or Instagram. 

CookinGenie is not responsible for the unavailability of the platform or for people not being able to enter the contest, receive notifications from, or communicate with CookinGenie.  

You cannot submit an entry on behalf of someone else. Submitting an entry means you agree to meet all eligibility criteria for participation and permit CookinGenie to use your posts, interactions, or the fact of your entry in connection with the contest anywhere except when prohibited by law. 


This contest is open only to legal residents of the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland who are at least 18 years old. Employees or vendors (or their family members) of CookinGenie are not eligible for the contest.  

Eligible entries must come from a personal account on Facebook or Instagram. The account must follow CookinGenie or like the CookinGenie page to qualify. Fake accounts or accounts using automation are not eligible to enter the contest. 

Contest period 

The contest period begins at 12 PM (EST) on December 9, 2022, and ends at 12 PM (EST) on January 1, 2023. The contest winner will be chosen during the contest period.  

How to enter 

To enter the contest, people must either follow the official CookinGenie account on Instagram or like the CookinGenie page on Facebook (according to whichever platform they want to enter through) and either: (1) Like (double-tap on Instagram) the post promoting this contest; or (2) leave a comment on the post promoting this contest. 

CookinGenie may disqualify entries if it includes inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory language. So please respect the platform, our account, and others.   

Bonus entries 

Each eligible entry can submit up to a further 3 entries to maximize their odds of winning by: (1) Entering the contest using their account on the second eligible social media platform; or (2) posting their pictures with the hashtags #HostingMadeEasy #IDreamOfGenie. 

Winner selection & notification 

The contest winner will be selected at random. Odds of winning depend only on the number of eligible entries submitted.  

The contest winner will be notified by a direct message from CookinGenie (or its representative) to their Facebook or Instagram account with a request for their full name, address, and email ID. Once this information is provided, they will receive the e-gift card in their email.  

The prize will be forfeited, and an alternate winner selected if: the notification for winning the contest or other communication is rejected or returned as undeliverable if we can’t reach a potential winner after a reasonable attempt, if a winner cannot attend or participate in the prize, or if the potential winner does not respond to the notification we send.  

The prize 

One winner will receive a CookinGenie e-gift card of $200. The e-gift card can be redeemed for an order on CookinGenie. The winner may choose to club the e-gift card with cash payment to cover their total order value. 

The value of the e-gift card should cover an in-home meal prepared by a CookinGenie chef for 4-6 people.  

Approximate Retail Value of the prize: US$200. 

The gift card is non-transferable, and its value cannot be claimed as cash. It is valid for use until February 28th, 2023. 

The unaccepted or unused part will be forfeited if the winner does not accept or use the prize. CookinGenie is not responsible for any inability of the contest winner to accept or use the prize (in part or full) for any reason. 

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