Contributes to a healthy lifestyle

Personal chefs are well-educated on nutrition. They can help you figure out what is healthy for you and your family. Meals can also be customized and adjusted to your specific dietary needs.

Minimize waste when it comes to shopping

Personal chefs from services like CookinGenie grocery shop for you. They only purchase the exact ingredients they need for specific meals. This is helpful because it saves you time and helps you avoid buying things that aren’t on your list. The average American throws away over $650 in food per year!

Introduce new cuisines to your family

It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle where you eat the same foods over and over. A personal chef will have plenty of recipe ideas. They may cook something for you and your family that you’ve never tried before. This can introduce your palate to new flavors, expanding your taste. Maybe they’ll even get […]

Affordable meals

Hiring a chef used to be something reserved for the wealthy, but not anymore! Generally, the price will work out to be cheaper than many delivery services, and you don’t have to cook the meals!

Save time and money

Three meals a day for one week for one person is 21 meals! Meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning all take up a lot of time. It’s no surprise that a lot of us decide to spend money on processed convenience foods because it saves us TIME. A personal chef can save you time and […]