Our Genies are trained chefs or well experienced cooks who know how to handle food safely. Our genies always wear masks during the appointment, and we request you practice social distancing while the genie is in your kitchen. Another key safety measure is handwashing. You will see our Genies wash hands religiously during the cooking process.

Dietary preferences/allergies

We cater to all dietary preferences. If you have a special dietary need, you can leave us your instructions in the “special instruction” box while ordering and we will alter the dish to suit your tastes. We will try our best to accommodate most requests. For food allergies, please indicate in the special instructions box too. […]


We have over 300 dishes on our platform. The dishes range from appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, desserts etc. The dishes are quite varied to cater to many tastes. For example, we have regular entrees featuring beef, pork, chicken, salmon as well as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kid friendly, leftover friendly options.  


We are a digital restaurant with multiple cuisines. Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, Peruvian, English – the list goes on. Some of our Genies mix and match techniques resulting in fusion dishes. For example, we have an American classic surf and turf dish with classic French sauces (like Bechamel) and Italian sides (like Risotto). So Some dishes are unique creations only available at