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The Process

Book a Private Chef

Enter your zip code to find a private chef near you. You can choose the dishes accordingly. Our private chefs can cater to personalized options, including gluten-free and lactose-free selections.

They Shop

The selected chef will take care of the grocery shopping on the day of your event, purchasing only the freshest ingredients needed to prepare your meal.

They Cook

At the designated time, the chef will arrive with the groceries and prepare the dish in your kitchen - allowing you to relax, spend time with family, or take care of other tasks while the chef handles the cooking.

They Clean

Once the chef has finished cooking, it's time to enjoy your meal. The chef will clean the kitchen before leaving, ensuring you don't have to worry about mess or clean-up.

Bring home the magic of dining with our Personal Chef Service in Madisonville

CookinGenie is not just here to deliver food; we’re here to be your reliable partner in adding culinary magic to your busy life.   

Our team of skilled personal chefs takes care of every little detail to make your meals special, from adding your favorite spice to keeping allergens at bay.   

With our all-inclusive personal chef service, you don’t have to worry about anything – we handle everything from grocery shopping to cooking and cleaning up.   

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some magic at your dining table with CookinGenie.  

Satiate your tastebuds with lip-smacking dishes prepared by experts. hiring a personal chef in Madisonville is the ultimate indulgence for those who crave exceptional dining experiences.

Savor Global Cuisines at Home with our Chefs for Hire in Madisonville

Discover a World of Flavor with Our Diverse Menu

Benefits Of Hiring A Private

With our personal chef, you can enjoy a private dining experience with your loved ones in the comfort of your home. This means no noisy crowds, distractions, or waiting for a table. 

Hiring a personal chef can elevate any celebration or occasion to a new level. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gathering of friends and family, you can customize a menu to suit the occasion and create a truly memorable experience. 

When you hire a personal chef, you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests, knowing that all the cooking and clean-up will be taken care of by a professional. 

Believe it or not, hiring a personal chef can be more cost-effective than dining out at a high-end restaurant. You don’t have to worry about tipping, parking, or paying for drinks with a private chef. 

When you have a personal chef, you can ensure that the food is per your family’s liking and accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies. Plus, private dining offers a relaxed and informal environment perfect for kids. 

Whether you’re following a specific diet, have a food allergy or intolerance or have a preference for certain ingredients or flavors, a personal chef can cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our chefs are proficient in creating customized menus that meet even the most specific requirements. 

What Are People Saying about CookinGenie?

Fantastic service and amazing food! We tried several Genies and we were happy with all of them


Elena Ferri

The food was well made and done timely. You get your bang for buck using this service.


Mose Gebremeskel

Wow, what a concept. I was visiting a friend in Ohio and ended up experiencing cookingenie. Excellent experience.



CookinGenie is a wonderful service and I recommend them highly!



Uncover the Culinary Wizardry of Our Chefs for Hire in Madisonville

Let us know the details of your event tailored menu proposals from our personal chef in Madisonville.

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How CookinGenie Can Support ?

Supports Local Chefs

Our services allow you to appreciate and support personal chefs in Madisonville while enjoying delicious meals prepared by them.

Makes Occasions Special

CookinGenie can make any family dinner or event feel special by treating you like royalty and handling all aspects of shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Saves You Time

With a personal chef from CookinGenie, you can reclaim the time you would normally spend on meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Our Private Chef Service in Madisonville Features

  • Wide Variety of Dishes to Choose from
  • Fresh, High-quality Ingredients
  • Grocery Shopping, meal preparation, clean up
  • In-Home Meal Preparation
  • Thorough Cleanup After the Meal is Served

Our Private Chef Service in Madisonville Features

  • Wide Variety of Dishes to Choose from
  • Fresh, High-quality Ingredients
  • Grocery Shopping, meal preparation, clean up
  • In-Home Meal Preparation
  • Thorough Cleanup After the Meal is Served

Our Unique Features

Cookingenie Others
Background check for chefs & Accidental damage cover
Order with 48 hours' notice
All-in-one service (Shop, Cook, Clean)
Special diets (Vegan, No-gluten, Paleo, etc.)
Cancellation & Reschedule
Prices $$ $$$

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, plating service is an option upon request.

Yes. Your Genie will use your pots and pans, as needed, to make the meals. They will clean everything they use when they finish preparing the meal.

If you have an emergency, you can reschedule the service. Please provide us with at least a 24 hour notice. Any rescheduling related to health reasons is free of charge.

Initially, you enter your location/zip code. This filters the options to genies in your area. Next, you select your Genie. Be sure to search and look through the various dishes each Genie offers. Now, you select the dish or dishes you would like. Lastly, choose a date and time you want the meal made.

The selected chef will shop the day of the meal for the fresh ingredients necessary to prepare the meal. The Genie will then show up at the time you selected with all the ingredients ready to go. They will put the meal together in your kitchen, allowing time for you to relax or get other tasks done. After the chef makes the meal, it’s time to chow down! They will take care of cleaning the dishes, pot/pans, and counters.

Anyone who appreciates wonderful, customized service with lots of food options from all over the world.Hosts and Hostesses often hire personal chefs because they would like more time to spend with their guests. Busy families and on-the-go professionals who enjoy diverse styles of cuisines also benefit from hiring a personal chef.