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The Process

Select Your Chef

You pick out the dishes you would like. Customizable options, including vegan and plant-based options, are available.

We Shop

The chef you picked will shop the day of the meal for the fresh ingredients they will use to make the food.

We Cook

At the time you selected, the Genie will show up with all the ingredients. They will put together the dish in your kitchen, giving you time to relax or get other tasks done.

We Clean

Once the chef finishes preparing your meal, it’s time to chow down! They will clean all pots, pans, and counters before departing.

Bring home the magic of dining with our Personal Chef Service in Riverview Heights

Discover a new way to enjoy the luxury of fine dining without leaving your home with our personal chefs in Riverview Heights. 

Our service isn’t just for special events – it’s perfect for busy families and individuals who want to savor mouth-watering, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their homes. 

Our team of skilled chefs, who we lovingly refer to as our “genies,” are available across the city, making it easy and convenient to book a culinary expert who will help you save time and enjoy healthy, delicious meals.  

Don’t wait to elevate your dining experience and become your happiest and healthiest self with CookinGenie. 

Life is too short for mediocre meals - hiring a personal chef in Riverview Heights is the ultimate indulgence for those who crave exceptional dining experiences.

Savor Global Cuisines at Home with our Chefs for Hire in Riverview

Discover a World of Flavor with Our Diverse Menu

Benefits Of Hiring A Private

Whether you’re following a specific diet, have a food allergy or intolerance, or have a preference for certain ingredients or flavors, a personal chef can cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our chefs are proficient in creating customized menus that meet even the most specific requirements.

Hiring a personal chef can elevate any celebration or occasion to a new level. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply a gathering of friends and family, you can customize a menu to suit the occasion and create a truly memorable experience. 

When you hire a personal chef, you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests, knowing that all the cooking and clean-up will be taken care of by a professional. 

Believe it or not, hiring a personal chef can be more cost-effective than dining out at a high-end restaurant. You don’t have to worry about tipping, parking, or paying for drinks with a private chef. 

When you have a personal chef, you can ensure that the food is per your family’s liking and accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies. Plus, private dining offers a relaxed and informal environment perfect for kids. 

What Are People Saying about CookinGenie?

Wow! Cooking genie is such an awesome concept. We had a dinner party for 10 and everyone enjoyed everything immensely.


Lisa Leary

Wow, what a concept. I was visiting a friend in Ohio and ended up experiencing cookingenie. Excellent experience.


Rafel Kurmer

This is my new favorite way to eat out in my own home. CookinGenie is a wonderful service and I recommend them highly!



CookinGenie is a novel concept which fits aptly with the needs of modern living while preserving the traditional experience of eating.



Uncover the Culinary Wizardry of Our Chefs for Hire in Riverview Heights

Let us know the details of your event tailored menu proposals from our personal chef in Riverview Heights .

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How CookinGenie Can Support ?

Boosts Local Business in Riverview Heights

Every meal presents a local chef with the chance to be acknowledged and celebrated while supporting personal chefs in Riverview Heights who pursue their passion.

Adds Sparkle to Special Moments

Elevate your family dinner or special occasion to a memorable experience. We pamper you like royalty, taking care of all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Frees Up Your Time

With our personal chef handling your next meal, you can reclaim the time you otherwise spend shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Our Personal Chef Service in Riverview Heights Includes

  • A Wide Selection of Delicious Dishes to Choose From
  • Only the Freshest, Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Convenient Grocery Shopping Services
  • Expert Meal Preparation in Your Kitchen
  • Thorough Cleanup After the Meal is Served

Our Personal Chef Service in Riverview Heights Includes

  • A Wide Selection of Delicious Dishes to Choose From
  • Only the Freshest, Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Convenient Grocery Shopping Services
  • Expert Meal Preparation in Your Kitchen
  • Thorough Cleanup After the Meal is Served

Our Unique Features

Cookingenie Others
Background check for chefs & Accidental damage cover
Order with 48 hours' notice
All-in-one service (Shop, Cook, Clean)
Special diets (Vegan, No-gluten, Paleo, etc.)
Cancellation & Reschedule
Prices $$ $$$

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Frequently Asked Question

CookinGenie only offers options for four meal or eight meal packages.

Yes, you can order additional side dishes if you want more food.

Of course! CookinGenie is a great birthday gift. Who wouldn’t love a home-cooked meal from a skilled professional? Just visit to begin your order.

Personal chefs are generally more affordable than caterers, particularly for smaller event sand family dinners. The average cost per week for a personal chef in Columbus for a family of four is about $263. The average cost for a caterer is about $30-$40 per person per event.

Yes, we can make meals that cater to dietary restrictions and allergies

Absolutely. Go to to purchase the gift card.

Yes, we do a thorough background check on all our Genies.