Do you bring the ingredients?

Our chefs buy all the necessary ingredients for your meal. We always strive to serve high-quality meals that taste delicious.

Do I need to provide anything in my kitchen for the chef?

Yes, we expect you to provide: Functioning appliances (stove, oven, microwave etc) Cutlery Kitchen knives Pots & pans Spatulas Storage containers (for cooked food) Basic supplies (oil, sugar, salt) Running sink Running sink Dish washing soap & scrub (or an emptied out dishwasher)

How are chefs selected to work for CookinGenie?

We hire our Genies based on a “Tasting Day,” in which they prepare each dish live & we taste it to ensure that our users are getting the best food possible. You can rest easy knowing that—before you taste our creations—we try them and make sure they’re of the highest quality.