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CookinGenie exists to make it easy and cost-effective to get great quality meals made in your home by using simple tech and local talent. Simply book your chef on our platform and they will shop, cook and clean up. It really is that easy. Our genies are the perfect asset to your dinner parties, milestone celebrations or even meal prep for those nights when you just can't. Imagine being able to be a guest in your own home instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

We don't think it's revolutionary, we just think it's necessary.


Our Story

CookinGenie was created from casual conversations among families and friends around food. We realized how many of us found it difficult to plan and put fresh healthy meals on the dinner table every week. Juggling between busy schedules and cooking at home, healthy and well prepared meals became a struggle.

So, we thought we should do something about it.

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Sabah Drabu

#CEO & Co-Founder



Why CookinGenie?

Are you in doubt? Don't worry! We have alot of reasons for you to book us

Food safety and hygiene
CookinGenie prioritizes safety! Chef are ServSafe certified and follow CDC & FDA guidelines.
Save time on shopping, cooking, and cleaning!
Diverse chefs
Chefs for all budgets and cuisines offering a world-class cooking experience.
Dietary needs
Work with your chef to co-create a menu that fully takes care of all your guests’ special needs, within your budget.
Customer support
Contact Us 24/7 via email, phone or chat.
Secured payment
Your payment is only released to the chef after your booking is complete.
Cancellations and refunds
You can cancel and receive a full refund up till 7 days before your order date.

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