Committed to Your
Safety & Health

At CookinGenie, we prioritize your health and safety and take several steps to ensure you enjoy a safe dining experience.

We follow CDC & FDA guidelines to keep your family safe.
Our Genies will additionally wear masks if requested while cooking in your home. All our Genies take exceptional care about washing hands & general hygiene. We reschedule appointments if anyone is not feeling well. Each of our Genies undergoes a background check. We encourage our Genies to be ServSafe certified.

Safety & Health
Safety & Health

CookinGenie's Essential
Safety Checklist

At CookinGenie, safety always comes first

ServSafe Certification

CookinGenie encourages chefs to attend the ServSafe Food Safety Training program, leading them to become ServSafe Certified Chefs.

Comprehensive Food Safety Knowledge

With CookinGenie, everything is clean! Our Genies shop, cook and clean up after themselves, making sure to follow all food protection standards.

Safe Dining Experiences

CookinGenie takes several steps to ensure your safety

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