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May 22, 2024


Activities in Tampa that Children Will Enjoy

For those who think Tampa is a must-visit destination for its sandy beaches and theme parks, let’s tell you a little secret—it’s also a must-visit destination for your children.

With countless Tampa family activities, this city will have your little ones rolling with laughter and feeling content with gratitude for the simple things that make this life worth living.

This blog post will discuss where and how your children can have fun in Tampa. Let’s get right to it!

Glazer Children’s Museum

Visit the Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa to give your kids a great time. This museum is designed to entertain children with lots of interactive displays and fun activities in Tampa.

The museum has various displays that make it a must-visit place. In addition to the popular permanent exhibits, there are always new rotating displays that add excitement for the kids to explore.

Good news for families looking to save money: the Glazer Children’s Museum offers free admission on the first Tuesday of every month.

Lost Pearl Pirate Ship

The Lost Pearl Pirate Ship offers a perfect adventure for a fun family outing in Tampa. This 1.5-hour interactive cruise is packed with Tampa family activities that kids will love.

The Lost Pearl is your chance to live a pirate-themed experience. The crew provides pirate training to prepare everyone for surprises during the journey. Kids can participate in pirate shows, engage in swashbuckling activities, and enjoy the thrill of water cannon fun.

Tampa Bay History Center

History centers do not often come to mind when considering places that could be ‘fun for kids.’ But the Tampa Bay History Center breaks that stereotype with various things to do in Tampa, Florida.

The Treasure Seekers display on the fourth floor is a great hit among kids because of the treasure it holds: a pirate ship. This ship is open for kids to climb and explore. Kids can also learn about the life stories of the pirates who sailed the Gulf of Mexico.

With the hands-on exhibits, kids can touch, feel, and experience history more interactively than reading lines on plaques. If you want your children to make the most of this experience, encourage them to be curious and inquire about the questions that come to their mind.

Check the museum’s schedule for special events or guided tours that could improve this experience. 

We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym

Spectrum Kids Gym has all the reasons to be included in the list of Tampa family activities. This indoor gym has many activities that will make children up to 12 jump with joy.

This gym is special because it is a testament to inclusivity. There are activities for children with autism and special needs so that they can have fun, too. Parents can rest assured that kids can enjoy fun stuff to do in Tampa in a safe place.

Weeki Wachee State Park

Weeki Wachee State Park is a unique roadside attraction that has been entertaining families since 1947 as one of the most fun places in Tampa. Though it has ‘park’ in its name, the surprise is real-life mermaids swimming in the waters. The mermaid shows are a must-see, and they turn the occasion magical.

Visitors can also cool off and dip in the natural springs within the park, which are refreshing at 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Other entertainment options in this park are Buccaneer Bay, a water park within the park grounds where the kids have their own slides and can swim to their heart’s content.

Dinosaur World

The Dinosaur World is perfect for children and families who love dinosaurs. With more than 200 life-sized dinosaurs, it sets to make you feel like you are walking in a real-life Jurassic Park. The Fossil Dig is an activity that allows children to dig for fossils and take three of their finds home. It involves hands-on and fun activities in Tampa, which makes kids feel like real paleontologists.

The Dino Gem Excavation is where the little ones can pan for real minerals and gems in the geology section. Geode Cracker lets kids crack open geodes and find sparkling crystals inside. The Exploration Cave Show teaches kids—in a playful approach, but in all seriousness—what it means to be a paleontologist.

This will be complimented by testing knowledge on the Triviasaurus Rex Game Show. You should also go through the Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age to see woolly mammoths in their true appearance during the long ago.

The Florida Fossil Museum has fossils native to the area, offering a local perspective on prehistoric life. The Prehistoric Museum features artifacts and animatronic dinosaur displays, making history come alive in many educational, informative and fun activities in Tampa.

Legoland and the Peppa Pig Theme Park

Nowhere can be as fascinating and thrilling as Legoland and the Peppa Pig Theme Park in creating memorable moments with your children. In Legoland, kids can let their imagination go wild with tens of thousands of LEGO blocks.

The children can put anything up imaginable, from castles to cars. Also, apart from buildings, the park has many rides and attractions for all ages, some of which are exhilarating roller coasters, among others being kiddie rides. If you are looking for fun activities in Tampa to beat the unbearable heat of summer, you can visit the Legoland Water Park area. Water Park features thrilling water slides, LEGO-shaped rafts, and interactive water play features.

The Peppa Pig Theme Park, just at the exit of Legoland, will surely be loved by kids who like this children’s show. It features themed rides and attractions, and kids can meet their favorite characters and explore Peppa’s world.

Tampa’s Firefight Museum

Tampa has entertainment options for everyone, especially for the young. The Firefighters Museum proves that enlightening children’s information doesn’t always have to be accompanied by yawns and frowns.

In this museum, your little ones will be able to live in a world of firefighters who have been our knights in shining armor, shielding us against deadly fire accidents. The kids will be awed to see old fire trucks, try on real firefighter uniforms, and hear inspiring stories of the heroism of Tampa’s brave firefighters.


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So pack your bags and let your kids know that you’re going to Tampa and will have the time of their lives. 

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