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Laura Madden

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Jun 26, 2024


Everything you Need to Plan an Event in Cincinnati

Do you need to plan an event but are unsure where to begin? Event planning requires juggling many things; during this time, a roadmap is helpful for the organizers.

While every event has its own needs, this blog post covers a wide range of best practices for planning almost every occasion. Bookmark this page because it will save you time and labor whenever you plan events in Cincinnati. Let’s start!

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Start with The Budget

Setting a budget first should be a golden rule in the process of planning an event. Once the budget is finalized, you can work on other details within realistic parameters. Having an amount set will allow you to run every part of your event with an adjustment of what you can afford.

Here are some important expenses you need to consider while budgeting:

  • Venue
  • Food and Drinks
  • Decor
  • Entertainment
  • Staff
  • A/V
  • Miscellaneous

Fix the Event Date

You don’t need to figure out a date for an event, such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding date. But if the occasion is different, there are some things you should consider before marking the calendar.

  • Pick a date that gives you enough time to plan. The ideal time should give you 4-6 months to prepare if it’s a grand function. For small-scale events in Cincinnati, 2-4 months should be enough.
  • Be sure to check statutory, religious, and school holidays.
  • Ensure that the key participants of the events (guests, tech team, VIPs, etc.) are available on the date you pick.

Setting the date and budget will allow you to advance in the planning process. It means you’ll have the resources and bandwidth to book external staff.

Build your Event Dream Team

For successful operations, bigger events in Cincinnati need a team of organizers and managers. However, smaller events can be smoothly carried out by one or two planners. You should focus on how to divide and conquer.

Assign specific tasks to different organizers for a seamless plan’s progression. This approach will also help to maintain accountability amongst organizers.

Let’s Talk Vendors

Vendors, such as guests, have an important role in the events in Cincinnati. The vendor team ensures that the guests have the time of their lives. Services such as transportation, food and drinks, entertainment, seating arrangements, and security make an event an affair to remember.

The venue you choose may have tie-ups with vendors for catering. So, before you make a decision, be sure to have a quick chat about this information with your venue partner.

If you need help with vendor partners, our little list might help you.

Transportation Vendors

Seating Rentals

Pick and Finalize the Program and Entertainment

The success of events in Cincinnati hinges on its program and entertainment because these elements drive the guests’ attendance. You should start with finalizing the banger of the evening (as in the main attraction).

To do this, pick up the guest list and figure out what the audience might love. For example, the event could use impactful workshops if the attendees and theme are informational. If it’s a soiree, a band could make an impact.

Social media can help you find speakers, special guests, and entertainment options. If that doesn’t work, you can engage with the local community to connect with speakers and entertainers or other fun activities in Cincinnati.

Brand, Market, and Send out Invitations

The best way to boost your event’s visibility is to create an identity for it. Start this process by designing a logo and selecting a cohesive color scheme that aligns with your event’s ethos. The goal of the event’s visual branding should be to align it with all the elements like name, slogan, and overall aesthetic.

The next step after having the event’s identity in place is to develop a marketing strategy. In the digital world, marketing has become easy but competitive. Make sure you use all the possible channels, including social media platforms, television, radio, email campaigns, digital and physical advertisements, and content marketing to voice the event.

Once all these steps are covered, focus on designing the invites for guests, special guests, and VIPs. While digital invitations have ease, the hard copies give the feel. Designing invitations and sending them out on time helps ensure that the attendees get the right details at the right time.

Have a Separate Plan for the Event Day

It’s essential to establish a detailed schedule for the day. This schedule should outline when vendors, staff, volunteers, and guests are expected to arrive and include a comprehensive agenda that covers all activities from setup to teardown.

Creating the Agenda

  1. Setup: Schedule a time to arrange the venue, set up decorations, and prepare any necessary equipment.
  1. Dining Schedules: Specify meal times and coordinate with catering services to ensure that the best food in Cincinnati gets served on time.
  1. Entertainment: Allocate time slots for performances, speeches, or other entertainment to keep guests engaged.
  1. Disassembly: Plan for the teardown and cleanup after the event to ensure the venue is restored to its original state.

Assigning Responsibilities

Delegate specific tasks to your event planning team and assign time slots for each member. Clearly outline their duties and expectations to ensure everyone knows their role and maintains accountability.

Additional Steps for Event Day Success

  1. Remind Guests: Send reminders to attendees about the event details and any necessary instructions.
  1. Venue Check: Inspect the venue setup to confirm everything is in place before guests arrive.
  1. Vendor Coordination: Stay in touch with vendors, sponsors, partners, and media to ensure they are on schedule and address any last-minute issues.
  1. Staff Area: Set up a designated area for event staff to manage operations and take breaks.
  1. Team Communication: Regularly check in with the event planning team to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  1. Equipment Check: Verify that all electronic equipment is functioning correctly.
  1. Emergency Preparedness: Have emergency supplies on hand, such as first aid kits, to handle any unexpected situations.

By meticulously planning your event day schedule and assigning clear responsibilities, you’ll be well-prepared to host a seamless and memorable event in Cincinnati.


Planning an event can be complex, but it bears its reward. The right roadmap will make your process more manageable and enjoyable. One thing you need to focus more on is the food and menu.

To ensure that your guests are treated with a delicious menu, consider hiring CookinGenie chefs for your event. These genies are experts at offering a culinary experience that will leave your guests talking long after the event has ended. Let private chefs in Cincinnati handle the kitchen so you can focus on other event-planning aspects. Happy planning!

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