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Sabah Drabu

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May 20, 2024


Food in Cleveland You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you in search of the most irresistible food in Cleveland? Cleveland has a smorgasbord of options that are almost a sin to miss, which are as diverse as they are delicious.

In this blog post, we will unveil the food spots and highlights that make Cleveland one of the best cities in the world. So make up some space in your tummy and get noting down because these places and dishes need to be on your Cleveland food bucket list. They will make you question, ‘Why didn’t I have this before? Why do I keep wanting more?’


Alea is a restaurant on Churt Avenue that serves Mediterranean food. It’s hard to describe how much people have come to love this place over the past five years. It’s more popular among visitors than Clevelanders.

A visit to Alea to try their classics like lamb scam, a build-your-own lettuce wrap dish with pulled meat, house sauces, and grains transported right from the Mediterranean, might be your reason to drive to this place more often than you’d plan.

Alea’s seasonal additions, like the spring menu’s pork chop Milanese, 12-ounce chop with a green curry sauce, and accouterments like peppers, shallots, and herbs, deserve a chance to be on your table and your Cleveland food bucket list. For a more flavorsome experience, you should bite into the rotating grilled or charred vegetables.


Before the pandemic, Rood was making waves with its innovative slider-and-pie concept. This restaurant quickly became popular for its food, service, and communal dining experience, which contributed to the Cleveland food scene. However, like many restaurants, Rood had to adapt and evolve in the face of COVID-19 challenges.

Under the creative direction of chef Rachelle Murphy, Rood has emerged with a completely revamped menu that continues to impress. Murphy’s seasonal offerings break away from the mundane, introducing bold and flavorful dishes that leave a lasting impression. Its menu highlights are Sweet Corn Crabcakes with Pepper Jam, Roasted Beet Salad with Smoked Whipped Mascarpone, and Wagyu Beef-Stuffed Tortellini.

Rood hasn’t abandoned its roots entirely; its beloved pies remain a Cleveland food bucket list staple. One of the star attractions is the Salt and Honey Pie. This treat features a luscious brown butter filling with a vial of bee pollen (which tastes surprisingly crunchy good) for extra texture and flavor.

Any Dish You Wish (By CookinGenie Chefs)

CookinGenie is an exceptional alternative to dining at restaurants. This online chef marketplace allows you to hire a personal chef who will cook in your home, giving you the opportunity to enjoy any dish you please without leaving the comfort of your home.

 Unlike restaurant dining, CookinGenie brings the chef to your kitchen. This advantage gives you the chance to enjoy freshly prepared meals that taste even better than those at a restaurant. The personal chefs in Cleveland do it all – from shopping for ingredients to cooking the meal and even cleaning up the kitchen afterward.

CookinGenie’s chefs are experts in a wide range of cuisines, ensuring that whatever dish you’re craving, they can make it perfectly. Despite the personalized service and high-quality food, CookinGenie is surprisingly affordable.


If you’re in Cleveland and looking for a unique and memorable dining experience, you should keep Amba on your Cleveland food tours. This 6,000-square-foot restaurant has transformed an old machine shop into an industrial minimalist dining room that has everything you’d want in a dining experience.

The atmosphere at Amba is designed to heighten your senses. With dim lighting and carefully curated music, the setting makes the aromatic spices stand out even more. The menu at Amba is all about sharing and enjoying a variety of flavors. The soft clay bread is perfect for dipping and sharing with friends.

Their Beetroot Raita Yogurt is a tangy dip that’s as tasty as it is eye-catching. Any visit to Amba is incomplete without trying Spicy Sloppy Joe with Keema Venison-Tomato Curry, which tastes best when paired with clay bread and yogurt.

Il Rione

Il Rione is a famous Detroit Shoreway pizzeria that rules the Cleveland food scene. This spot is so popular that diners often wait hours at nearby bars until their phones signal that a table is ready.

The wait is well worth it, as Il Rione delivers New York-style pizzas in a dining room with shabby and chic vibes. The open kitchen and bar add to a great experience for diners. Il Rione’s menu is focused and refined, featuring stellar pies like the classic Margherita, flavorful sausage, and unique white clam pizza.

While the emphasis is on their exceptional pizzas, the menu also includes a few additions, such as meat and cheese boards and a handful of fresh salads. A concise selection of beers, wines, and cocktails complements the Cleveland food served at Il Rione.

Astoria Cafe & Market

Astoria Cafe & Market is a bar, restaurant, and gourmet market in one. It’s a bustling, bright space where locals can shop for imported olives, cheeses, meats, and wines.

Astoria’s menu focuses on Mediterranean cuisine. The cafe is known for its warm, attentive service, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors. One of the highlights at Astoria is their brunch, which is considered one of the best in town and draws crowds throughout the week.


You should really not miss dining at the spot, which was listed as the best new restaurant. The restaurant stays packed until its entry, and chef-partner Vinnie Cimino has much to do with it. Recommended dishes are Bellie up the tasting menu. This menu will feed you like your grandma does. You can sit and open a bottle of wine while they send you dishes in waves.

Other worthy dishes on the Cleveland food bucket list include carrot muhammara, corned lamb, burger boxes, and splitable cheeseburgers.


Cleveland’s food scene is vibrant and diverse, offering something delicious for every taste. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at home with a personal chef from CookinGenie or exploring the city’s top restaurants, Cleveland has something delicious for every taste.

Don’t miss the chance to discover these culinary gems. Try new dishes, savor unique flavors, and enjoy Cleveland’s rich food culture. Your next great meal is waiting in Cleveland!

Sabah Drabu

Co-Founder & CEO

Sabah Drabu is a foodie, engineer, and the Co-founder & CEO of CookinGenie. She created the platform in 2019 to connect local chefs with at-home diners, making hiring personal chefs more accessible. Sabah's idea has evolved into a service people use for parties, vacation rentals, and family gatherings.

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