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How to Plan a Magical Christmas Day in Lexington

As the first snow flurries touch down, Lexington, a city already rich in heritage and tradition, transforms into a mesmerizing holiday spectacle. Picture streets adorned with twinkling lights, corners echoing with melodies of age-old carols, and a vibrant spirit of merriment enveloping each passerby. With each passing year, especially as we approach 2023, Lexington curates a Yuletide experience that’s both nostalgic and novel, ensuring every visitor feels the essence of an authentic winter fairy tale and wonders how to immerse themselves fully in this festive splendor. Join us as we chart out the perfect blueprint for a Christmas in Lexington that’s not just memorable but truly magical.

Christmas Day in Lexington: A Curated 24-Hour Experience

With its Southern grace and festive allure, Lexington transforms during Christmas, offering visitors and residents a blend of culinary delights, historical treasures, and holiday activities. We’ve detailed an enriching journey from dawn to dusk to ensure you fully immerse yourself in the city’s offerings. Dive in and explore each segment of the day with our recommendations.

Morning Mirth in Lexington

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As dawn breaks and the first light of day kisses the rooftops of Lexington, the city awakens to a symphony of festive joy. With streets adorned in holiday charm and freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air, Christmas morning in Lexington is an invitation to embrace the festive spirit and create cherished memories.

Breakfast Options

Josie’s Restaurant: Begin your day at Josie’s with their heartwarming breakfast spread, from festive pancakes to the indulgent eggs Benedict.

Doodles: Known for its innovative use of local ingredients, Doodles promises a fresh start with options like breakfast tacos or the ever-popular avocado toast.

First Watch: For those watching their diet, even during the holidays, First Watch offers omelets bursting with fresh veggies, fiber-rich salads, and delectable yogurt parfaits.

Ramsey’s Diner: Step back in time at this diner that offers all-time American favorites such as bacon, eggs, and toast.

Holly Hill Cafe: Best known for its pancakes and waffles, Holly Hill ensures a sweet and savory start to your day.

Morning Festive Activities

Festival of Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park: Marvel at the radiant display of over 4 million Christmas lights in Lexington, KY, and enhance the experience with carriage rides and an ice rink.

The Nutcracker at the Lexington Opera House: Engage in the seasonal magic with this enchanting ballet, a tradition for many families.

Lexington Children’s Museum: A haven for kids, it comes alive with festive activities from gingerbread house creations to memorable encounters with Santa Claus.

Ice skating at the Lexington Center: Channel the spirit of winter with skating, a fun activity for all ages.

Lexington Farmers Market: Embrace local culture and shop for fresh produce while enjoying caroling and potential Santa sightings.

As the morning sun climbs higher and you’ve sampled the culinary delights and festive activities, let the anticipation of the day ahead fill you. But remember, this is just the beginning; the city has an entire day of enchantments waiting to unfold.

Afternoon Amble in Lexington:

As the sun reaches its zenith, Lexington continues to unfold its charm. From historical sites steeped in stories to delightful eateries that promise an array of flavors, the afternoon in this city is as promising as its morning.

Lunchtime Luminance

Azur Restaurant + Patisserie: Transport yourself to a quaint French bistro. From light sandwiches to rich quiches, Azur balances taste with artistry.

Epping’s on East: A blend of contemporary flair with American classics delves into a menu featuring gourmet burgers, succulent steaks, and fresh seafood selections.

The Grey Goose: Enjoy a slice of Britain in Lexington by indulging in comfort foods like fish, chips, or the hearty shepherd’s pie.

Tolly-Ho Restaurant: With a reputation for sumptuous sandwiches and refreshing salads, Tolly-Ho guarantees satisfaction. For those craving warmth, the soups are a must-try.

The Lexington Club: Experience classic American dining. Whether it’s a giant burger, a club sandwich, or a light salad, there’s something for every palate.

Afternoon Holiday Activities

Lexington Public Library: More than just books, immerse yourself in the festive ambiance with special storytimes and caroling sessions amidst historic architecture.

Lexington Cemetery: Take a contemplative walk, admire the wintry beauty, and delve into Lexington’s rich past.

Ashland Henry Clay Estate: Walk the grounds of this stately home of the “Great Compromiser,” Henry Clay. The estate gleams with Christmas lights during the festive season and offers unique holiday tours.

Mary Todd Lincoln House: Take guided tours to unveil the Lincoln family’s history. Holiday-themed events here offer a glimpse into historical Christmases.

Waveland Historic Site: A step back into the antebellum South, the Gratz family home combines history and holiday charm with house tours and cheerful Santa meet-and-greets.

As the afternoon sun dips, the city’s enchantments continue, but for now, soak in the serene daytime and prepare for an evening filled with lights, laughter, and Lexington’s luminance.

A Starry Night in Lexington

Lexington transforms into a constellation of shimmering lights, lively events, and gastronomic wonders as daylight wanes. With its cool embrace, the evening invites you to experience the city’s nocturnal magic and festive fervor.

Dining Under the Stars

A Tavola: Savor the authentic tastes of Italy in the heart of Lexington—delight in handcrafted pasta, artisanal pizzas, and exquisite seafood preparations in a cozy ambiance.

Nick Ryan’s Restaurant: Experience quintessential American dining with tender steaks, delectable chops, and a selection of seafood dishes that promise a melody of flavors.

The Apiary: A dining experience par excellence, this Michelin-starred establishment offers a seasonal tasting menu that’s a symphony of taste, texture, and technique.

The Manchester Restaurant: Dive deep into the ocean’s offerings, from crispy calamari to buttery lobster, and level up your Christmas Eve dinner in Lexington, KY. For land lovers, steaks, chops, and pasta promise a delectable diversion.

Harvey’s Bistro: Whisk yourself to a Parisian evening with French-inspired dishes, where every bite speaks of culinary craftsmanship, from duck confit to delicate tarts.

Christmas Evening Endeavors

Christmas Concert at the Lexington Opera House: Let the harmonious notes of holiday tunes envelope you in the grandeur of this historic venue, creating memories to cherish.

Holiday Show at the Lexington Children’s Theatre: Perfect for families, these festive productions promise laughter, joy, and a sprinkle of holiday magic with mesmerizing Lexington Christmas parades.

Kentucky Theatre: Travel through time with classic films or embrace the now with the latest blockbusters, all in the vintage charm of this iconic theater.

Bowling at the Lexington Bowling Center: Strike up fun with family and friends. The rhythmic rumble of bowling balls, paired with delicious food and beverage offerings, ensures an evening of excitement.

Skating at the Lexington Ice Center: Glide gracefully or wobble whimsically – ice skating here is a delightful dance on a shimmering surface, perfect for winter nights.

With the clock inching towards midnight, let the evening enchantments fill you with warmth, wonder, and a wealth of memories. As stars twinkle above, remember, the heart of Kentucky has much more in store for tomorrow.


As the clock chimes midnight, signaling the close of a magical Christmas day in Lexington, you may find yourself reminiscing about the day’s enchanting experiences, the shimmering lights, the joyous melodies, and the hearty laughter. But before you rest and dream of the morrow’s adventures, consider adding one final touch to your Christmas celebration.

Imagine a gourmet festive dinner crafted exceptionally for you in the comfort of your accommodation. With CookinGenie, it’s not just a dream but a reality. As the leading platform for hiring a private chef in Lexington, KY, CookinGenie connects you with culinary maestros who can whip up a Christmas feast tailored to your tastes. By combining the local flavors of Lexington with festive culinary traditions, these personal chefs create an intimate and unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests.

So, as you plan your next Christmas in this winter wonderland, remember Lexington offers more than just sights and sounds. It gives memories, moments, and mouthwatering meals, all waiting to be savored. Here’s to a Christmas that lingers on your taste buds and in your heart long after the snow has melted. Merry Christmas, and may Lexington’s magic always sparkle in your festive tales!

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