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Must-Try Restaurants In Miami

Are you ready to dive into a taste bud adventure in the heart of Miami? Whether you’re a local hunting for new bites or a visitor eager to explore the city’s culinary wonders, get ready to buckle up for a foodie fiesta. We’re about to spill the beans on the must-try restaurants that turn Miami’s dining scene into a mouthwatering masterpiece. Get comfy as we dish out the delicious details on where to find the best restaurants in Miami.

NIU Kitchen 

Let’s kick things off with NIU Kitchen, a true culinary survivor that stood firm amid waves of change. As you enter NIU Kitchen, the air will tempt you with the tempting aroma of cold tomato soup with mustard ice cream. This unexpected yet delightful pairing captivates even the most discerning Floridian palates, especially on scorching summer days. And then there’s the Ous, a bowl of poached eggs swimming in truffled potato foam—an exquisite dance of flavors that’ll have your taste buds grooving in appreciation.  NIU Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Miami and a testament to resilience and the promise of a lazy, seafood-infused escape right in the heart of Miami.

COTE Miami 

Next, we’re heading to COTE Miami, where dining isn’t just about fueling up; it’s a full-blown experience. COTE offers coordinated servers, a smokeless grill, and meats searing to perfection in front of your hungry eyes. The Butcher’s Feast is the main event here, a tasting menu that’s a carnivore’s dream come true. Their must-try is the Steak and Eggs—a filet mignon steak tartare with caviar and milk toast so decadent it should come with a warning label. 

Clive’s Cafe 

Now, if you find yourself even remotely in the mood for Jamaican flavors, all roads lead to Clive’s Cafe in Little Haiti. We’re talking jerk chicken that’ll make you question every other chicken you’ve ever had. But that’s just the beginning of this culinary adventure—curry goat, oxtail, ackee and saltfish, and conch cooked up in ways that’ll have you questioning your decision-making abilities. Choosing what to order might be the hardest decision, but one thing’s for sure: whatever ends up on your plate will fall off the bone and come with a side of rice and peas big enough to be a meal.


Let’s detour to Italy via Carbone, a joint designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a glamorous old-school movie. Think Murano sconces, chandeliers, and seating so sleek it feels like you’ve accidentally wandered into a Hollywood set. The menu? An oversized half-fold masterpiece of classic Italian-American fare that comes to your table with a presentation that’ll make your Nonna nod in approval. The servers, or as they prefer you to call them, captains, glide around in sharp three-piece suits, ensuring your dining experience is as smooth as melted butter. Carbone isn’t just a meal; it’s a cinematic journey through the heart of Italian-American comfort. 

Panya Thai 

Have you ever heard someone whine about the lack of good Thai food in Miami? Send them straight to Panya Thai on 163rd St, where the chefs always add succulent flavors to every dish. This spot isn’t serving up your run-of-the-mill pad Thai and green curry; oh no, they’re bringing big bowls of boat noodle soup to the table, complete with a mahogany-colored, sweet, savory pork broth that’s liquid gold. And let’s not forget yen ta fo—a tart/sweet reddish/pink broth with wide rice noodles, fish balls, and veggies. Panya Thai isn’t just filling a gap in the market; it’s redefining what we thought we knew about Thai cuisine in Miami. 

Red Rooster Overtown 

Now, let’s dive into the soulful fusion world of Marcus Samuelsson at Red Rooster Overtown. He brought the flavors that skyrocketed him to fame in Harlem to one of Miami’s first Black neighborhoods, and boy, did he do it justice. The menu is a harmonious mix of soul food, Latin, and Caribbean flavors, making your taste buds do the cha-cha. Cornbread with jalapeño honey butter? Check. Yard Bird with sour orange hot honey? Double-check. And the atmosphere? This chic restaurant in Miami is like a perpetual fiesta with music always in the air—a nod to Samuelsson’s original stomping ground in Harlem. 

Miami Slice 

Let’s talk pizza because let’s face it- the population of pizza lovers might be more significant than India’s. But then, Miami Slice happened, and suddenly, the game changed. This tiny joint is slinging New York-style pizza that we’d proudly slap across the face of any naysayer. The slices are crispy from corner to corner, perfectly ratioed toppings, and the kind that’s worth waiting hours in the sun for.  

Los Felix 

Let’s switch gears and head to Los Felix, a vibrant, colorful spot redefining what we thought we knew about Mesoamerican cuisine. The small, modern space feels like a trip to the indigenous parts of Mexico, complete with hand-dyed, handwoven baskets from Mexican artisans serving as your table’s fancy attire. This place is all about corn-based dishes, and there are no soggy tacos. Tacos al pastor comes to your table like works of art, featuring marinated pork and precisely cut pineapple. Los Felix isn’t just the best restaurant in Miami; it’s a journey into the heart and soul of Mesoamerican culinary innovation. 

La Fresa Francesa 

Hialeah is the last place you’d expect to find an adorable French bistro, right? Wrong. La Fresa Francesa breaks all expectations with its cluttered dining rooms that feel like a multi-abuela design collaboration. It’s straightforward yet exceptional. The pastelito de foie gras and guayaba make this place uniquely Miami. Yeah, you read that right—Foie gras and guayaba, a combo that’s the epitome of Miami’s cultural mashup. La Fresa Francesa isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a slice of French charm in the heart of Hialeah that you’ll sorely miss if you ever decide to relocate.

Ghee Indian 

Finally, we wrap up our culinary adventure with Ghee Indian in Downtown Dadeland. This place isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a cozy retreat where Chef Niven Patel brings the best samosas, naan, and chicken tikka masala to your table. What makes it even more special? The ingredients are sourced straight from Patel’s farm. Yep, you read that right—farm-to-table in the heart of Downtown Dadeland. So, next time you’re craving an authentic taste of India, head to Ghee Indian for a plateful of flavorful delights. 

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Here we conclude the epic culinary journey through the Magic City, Miami. From the lazy delights of NIU Kitchen to the soulful fusion at Red Rooster Overtown, each restaurant is a chapter in Miami’s gastronomic story. So, give yourself an empty stomach and a sense of adventure, and get ready to savor the unique flavors that make Miami’s dining scene a true culinary odyssey. Now, go forth and feast because every meal is a celebration in Miami! 

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