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Jun 14, 2024


The Best Spots for Indian Food in Miami

There is no shortage of Indian food lovers in the world; they’re likely to overtake India’s population very soon. For every corner on any street, chances are you’ll find a fan of this cuisine and an eatery for them.

Miami, too, welcomes Indian food lovers to satiate their temptation with various authentic offerings.

In this blog post, we will list the best places to enjoy Indian food in Miami. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these spots and their menus will have you saying Wah! Kya Baat Hai (God, Its amazing).

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This inclusive service beats what you eat at any place because you get to save time from driving and making reservations to eat meals that aren’t pre-cooked and stored.

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Bombay Darbar

The top of this list starts with Bombay Darbar. It is a well-loved Indian restaurant in Miami, known for its great ambiance, excellent service, and wide range of menu items. Some standout dishes include mango chicken curry and tandoori chicken wings.

This chain serves the best Indian food in Miami in multiple locations. Their location at the Grove has been a popular spot for years. However, they have recently moved to a bigger location to offer more seating and quicker service.

Zaika Indian Restaurant

Zaika means flavor, and the Zaika Indian Restaurant is sure to serve some of it in Miami. Established in 2015, Zaika has been offering authentic Punjabi and Kerela flavors. The ambiance will make the first-time visitors fall in love with the place and give them all the reasons to visit again. You should visit this restaurant once to enjoy great South Indian food.

Arun’s Indian Kitchen

The modest, no-frills setting of Arun’s Indian Kitchen will make you believe there’s nothing fancy going on here. However, they cook magic in their kitchen. This restaurant specializes in Northern Indian cuisine and offers a variety of flavorful dishes.

On the menu, you’ll find the best Indian food in Miami, like chicken tikka masala and lamb korma. Vegetarians can enjoy their own designated dishes, such as channa masala (spiced chickpea curry), aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower with spices), and mushroom matar (mushrooms and peas in a savory sauce).

Arun’s Kitchen also caters to seafood lovers with shrimp curry offerings, best paired with warm naan bread to scoop up the sauce.

You can dine in, but the most common order at Arun’s is their food to go. The restaurant has a steady flow of delivery drivers, reflecting its popularity for takeout.

Ayesha Indian Fine Dining

Ayesha Indian Fine Dining operates in three locations in Miami. This place is famous for its chef specials, which include fish infused with ginger and coconut curry sauce, and Nilgiri lamb khorma (green curry lamb stew), chole bhature (spicy chickpea curry served with leavened fried bread).

Vegetarians can enjoy dishes like idly, steamed rice, and lentil cakes served with chutneys and sambar, a lentil-based vegetable stew.

Akash Miami Beach

Finding this modern Indian Restaurant in Miami might be challenging, but it’s worth every query you make in South Beach (because that’s where you’ll find it). This Indian restaurant is on this list for its best Indian food in Miami, like tandoori lamb chops, dal tadka, and chicken lollipops. The good news is that you’ll enjoy cocktails from a full bar.

They show what hospitality looks like, and their ambiance will take you straight to India. Another must-try dish is their Samosa and Bhaji. They prepare every curry with fresh ingredients and season it with special spices and sauces. Need more reasons to book a table here? They are one of the few places in Miami Beach to offer free parking.

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Bollywood Masala

Are you searching for an Indian restaurant in Miami that serves quick but quality food? You will find it in Bollywood Masala. Don’t judge this restaurant by the size of its menu. The good catch of its menu is that it is highly customizable. How to customize? Pick your best food in Miami from the menu, like their wraps and Kebabs, and decide which toppings and sauces will go best.

Ghee Indian Kitchen

There is a reason why the Ghee Indian Kitchen will always have a crowd at any hour of the day. This restaurant, hands down, serves incredibly rich Indian cuisine. So before you decide to make a stop at this eatery, you should make a reservation for your visit.

They claim to cook all their dishes with locally sourced ingredients to serve food, making this place a darling for people who love Indian cuisine. Their bar menu will do you just right. You can get a beer, cocktails, and other drinks with a little OH.

What makes this place different? It is one of the only places that serves Gujarat-inspired Indian food in Miami. People who have visited before suggest trying their Uttapam and Plantain Chaat.

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Maska Indian Kitchen

Chef Hemant Mathur runs Maska India Kitchen and Bar. Mathur is the first Indian Chef to receive a Michelin Star Award in the US. The Maska Indian Kitchen is his newest establishment and one of the best restaurants that serve Indian food in Miami.

This restaurant has a great space with modern decor. It has every element that makes this place truly Miami. Their menu has dishes of various plate sizes. You can order small and large servings to suit your hunger. Some recommended dishes are octopus masala, dumplings, lamb chops, crab tadka, lucknowi galouti kebab, and Maska chicken.


Indian cuisine is one of the world’s top 10 most popular cuisines. It is loved for its spices, variety, desserts, and health benefits. This blog post will guide you when craving Indian food in Miami. So, visit these spots and let the amalgamation of tastes, textures, and temperatures challenge you to stop eating.

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