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Jun 05, 2024


Where to Stop for the Best Chinese Food in Tampa?

Tampa has a long lineage of Chinese restaurants that serve dishes cooked with the culinary traditions of almost every province in China. From quick bites to a three-course meal, Tampa’s restaurant scene will amaze you with every bite.

In this blog post, we will list the best places to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in Tampa. Join us as we explore the exotic, flavorsome corners where they serve the best Chinese food in Tampa.

Home Sweet Home

Those times are long gone when you have to curb your cravings because you must drive to a restaurant to have that bite. You can have any cuisine inside your home by hiring a private chef through CookinGenie.

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No more waiting in the reservation lines or dining in a sea of strangers; with a personal chef in Tampa, you can savor restaurant-quality meals sitting on your dining table. The chefs at CookinGenie are experts in various cuisines (including Chinese).

They will arrive at your doorstep with the required ingredients (which they shop by themselves) on your decided date and time and cook the meals according to your preferences.

Once you hire a chef, you needn’t stress. These chefs also clean the kitchen after cooking. Such service is best for small gatherings, occasions, and intimate dinners.

Beijing House

If we had to categorize this list into genres, Beijing House would fall into the upscale and authentic dining restaurant. If Beijing House sounds like it will take you straight to China, trust us, it will.

The owner, Alice Zhang, started this venture to help Asian students at USF overcome their homesickness by serving the best food in Tampa. After years of successful operations, Beijing House became the fancy restaurant it is today.

The spices used at this restaurant are imported straight from China, and every dish (right from its fundamental parts) is handmade. The spicy wontons in chili oil and handmade pork-filled dumplings bring the heat with their zesty flavor.

We all know crab Rangoon as a late-night delivery classic, but unlike other eateries that fry these straight from the freezer, Beijing House makes them from scratch with fresh wonton paper and a creamy seafood filling.

Other must-try dishes at this place are Chong Qing Spicy Chicken- a spicy fried chicken and their variety of scratch-made noodle options.

Yummy House South China Bistro

If you want a slice of China in Tampa, this restaurant is the stop for your desires. Yummy House South China Bistro offers a vast menu that spans rustic, traditional Chinese food in Tampa and refined Hong Kong dishes.

Start your meal with the crispy calamari appetizer. It will warm up your taste buds for the courses to come. One of the standout dishes of Yummy House South is their signature salt and pepper calamari, available in six variations. Another highlight is the Hong Kong-style roasted barbecue spare ribs. Covered in a red glaze and cut into one-inch squares, these ribs are served in an overflowing bowl.

Vegetarians shouldn’t refrain from visiting this place because Yummy House South caters to the vegetarian diet, too. While the dessert menu tends to cater to Western tastes and isn’t made in-house, the main dishes more than make up for it. Yummy House South China Bistro also makes a great spot as one of the best romantic restaurants in Tampa for its service and food.

China Wok

China Wok is a small eatery located on MacDill Avenue in Tampa Bay. It is known for its generous servings and the best Chinese food in Tampa. The shrimp in hot garlic sauce is a must-try. The rich and spicy sauce perfectly complements the tender shrimp.

This dish is a favorite among regulars, who return again and again to satisfy their cravings. The bourbon chicken and house special lo mein are other popular choices. You can taste the Wok’s grilling flavor, especially in the lo mein, which is packed with meats and shrimp.

What makes China Wok special is its commitment to quality and taste. One review perfectly captures this: “It always arrives hot and fresh. It’s the best Chinese food in Tampa.”

The egg rolls are consistently tasty, and the nice packaging adds a special touch, making it great for a delivery dinner that can impress.

It’s the perfect place for a quick, flavorful meal that hits the spot every time.

Liang’s Bistro Asian Cuisine

Known for its delicious dumplings, Liang’s Bistro isn’t strictly a Chinese restaurant; it also offers Thai dishes and refreshing poke bowls. The restaurant emphasizes using simple, natural ingredients, often sourced locally, ensuring you know what you’re eating and feel good about it.

It’s one of the best Tampa places to visit for families because Liang’s Bistro has kid’s meals, which are perfect for picky eaters. Their egg rolls are a must-try. They are crisp and filled with shredded pork and veggies. Another highlight is the Kung Fu Shrimp, a spicy, crispy delight topped with fresh scallions.

Their extensive list of fried rice and noodle dishes complements any entrée, with the Japanese Fried Rice, tossed in a rich butter sauce, being a standout. Don’t miss the Banana Cheesecake Roll, a divine dessert of cheesecake and bananas wrapped in a wonton wrapper, deep-fried, and served with ice cream.

China Yuan

China Yuan is located in Tampa’s eastern corner. Known for its rich traditional flavors, this restaurant offers a menu that ensures no one leaves hungry. Their soups are a must-try for those seeking a healthy option, but be prepared – the portions are generous!

The restaurant prides itself on using the highest-quality ingredients, many of which are grown on their farm in Plant City. This Cantonese-based restaurant is a local favorite, particularly for its wide range of daily dim sum options.

It serves some of the finest seafood in the area, prepared with traditional Chinese techniques. Start your meal with steamed oysters topped with ginger, scallion, or crispy vegetable spring rolls, perfect for sharing.

For main courses, don’t miss the fish fillet and lettuce congee porridge, salt and pepper Dungeness crab, or sautéed sliced abalone with black mushroom. The shrimp pan-fried noodles are also a standout dish in the list of Chinese food in Tampa.

China Yuan’s menu is not limited to seafood. It offers a variety of beef, chicken, poultry, and vegetarian dishes, catering to all tastes. Their lunch specials provide great value, ensuring a satisfying and affordable dining experience. To finish your meal on a sweet note, try their sweet dim sum bites such as coconut milk pudding, sticky rice, or pineapple baked bun.


Tampa entertains visitors of all kinds and all the time. Keeping up with the traffic, it has opened its gates to satisfy many tastes. The list of places where you’ll find great Chinese food in Tampa is endless, but we have mentioned the award-winning spots. Many food trucks in Tampa also serve great Chinese food. So, the next time you crave Chinese food in Tampa, you know where to go to fire your taste buds.

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