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Who we are?

What is CookinGenie?

CookinGenie is a personal-chef-on-demand service that helps you enjoy delicious, nutritious meals prepared with fresh ingredients in your kitchen. Our service aims to eliminate the hassles of meal planning and to prepare quick healthy meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, or party food for small social gatherings.

How does CookinGenie work?

CookinGenie works by providing personal chefs to customers for their in-house dining events. The client places an order on our site by choosing a chef and the dishes required for the event. The chef arrives on the date of the event with fresh groceries, prepares the meals, and cleans up afterward.

How can I contact CookinGenie?

You can call us at (833) 436-4387 or email us at

Our menu

How to order?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Select the date you would like the genie to come to cook for you.
  4. Browse through the cuisines and categories.
  5. Add them to your cart to place the order.

To find genies available in your area:  

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your zip code or address and the date you would like the genie to come to cook for you.   
  3. Select the number of people.  
  4. Then, tap the ‘Find’ button.  
  5. You will find the list of dishes and genies available in your area for the particular date.  

Sorry, you can only book one genie per appointment. 

After placing the order, you will receive a confirmation on your registered email address and mobile number. It will have the details of your order.  

  • Visit 
  • From the left-side panel, expand the genies/chefs tab.  
  • Please select one of the genies from the list to display their menu on the right. 
  • Our genies have cooked in kitchens of all sizes. They usually need a functioning set of appliances (fridge, cooktop, oven) and standard kitchen accessories (pots, pans, spatulas, mixing bowls). If the chef needs something specific, they will check in ahead of time. If you do not have the item, the genie will bring a backup (e.g., a lasagne pan).   
  • Our chef may require permission to access your home in case of your unavailability.   
  • Parking instruction for genie.   
  • You can provide additional instruction in the ‘Special Instruction’ box at checkout. 

As our genies cook in 4 or 8 portions, you may have leftovers to enjoy for your next meal. Freeze and store leftovers, and reheat them on the stove or in a conventional oven or microwave. 

We are trying our best to expand our area of service. For more information, call us on (833) 436-4387 or email us at 

Before a chef becomes our genie, they go through the following process:  

  • A background check.  
  • Interview with our recruiting specialist.  
  • Tasting Day: The chef needs to prepare each dish in front of us. We taste it to ensure that our users get restaurant-style food.  

While most of our genies are professional chefs, some are excellent culinary experts passionate about fresh home cooking. 

Why CookinGenie?

If you have a busy lifestyle and want fresh and healthy meals, CookinGenie will be the right solution. With CookinGenie, you can:  

  • Enjoy healthy meals cooked right in your kitchen by an expert chef.  
  • Choose different cuisines from the genie’s menu.  
  • Customize your order for your dietary requirement.  
  • Reheat to enjoy your favorite dish later.  

Planning a party or just hanging out with friends, CookinGenie will help you to create a memorable experience. Based on your requirements, our genie will shop fresh groceries, prepare them in your kitchen and plate them for you while you enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

If you wish to excite your loved ones with a unique gift, we have CookinGenie Gift cards available for every occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, teacher’s day, and more. Please visit to find a gift card of your choice.  

Couldn’t find what you need? Please reach out to us, and we can help create a new design just for you. Call at (833) 436-4387 or email us at 

Are you looking for fresh home-cooked meal options for your special dietary needs? CookinGenie can work around your dietary restrictions to create a balanced meal right for you. We have local and international cuisines on our menu, and we can customize them according to your diet.

If you have any food allergies or must follow a dietary plan, CookinGenie can help you here. Our genies can work around your dietary restrictions to create the right meal for you. We have local and international cuisines on our menu, and we can customize them according to your diet.

FAQs by Customers

If you have a coupon code, you can apply it at the time of checkout.  

Our gift cards have a 12-month validity period. We may offer you a limited-time promotional gift card in some exceptional cases. If in doubt, call (833) 436-4387 or email us at, and we can verify this for you.  

Yes, you can purchase gift cards for various occasions such as Father’s day, Mother’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Holiday Greetings, and more.   

Yes, you can. Please contact us via phone at (833) 436-4387 or email us at to get a personalized gift card.  

In most cases, it is possible to reschedule appointments with 24-hour notice. If you have an emergency, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. This is complimentary if you need to reschedule to maintain isolation in cases of communicable illness.  

Yes, at check out, you will get an option to leave special instructions for each dish. You can ask for customization then. If your customization changes the order’s pricing, we will be in touch with you with a refund or an upcharge.  

Many of our Genies are excellent at plating. Unfortunately, our genies might not wait till you eat. However, if you want to serve the food a certain way, you can request our genie. They will do their best to help you. For meal prep, please provide the containers the Genies can use to store the food. Remember to give the desired crocks you would like the genie to use to serve the food.  

You can provide such requests in the special instruction box during checkout. We will get back in touch with you if our genie can’t fulfill your request.  

You can hire our genie for any date or time of your choice.  

Sometimes, we may not have the schedule updated for genies for more than two weeks, or our genie may not be working on the date selected. However, if you let us know, we can contact the genie to check their availability. 

We are constantly trying to expand our service areas and cuisines. Please call (833) 436-4387 or email us at with your dish requests. We will work hard to include it on our menu soon. 

A genie will arrive at the time of your appointment with all the groceries needed to cook your meal.

No. In most cases, the genies use your utensils/equipment. The genie may use a special pot/pan for specific dishes and bring their own upon request.  

Please show the genie around the kitchen so they can familiarize themselves with the essentials like pots/pans/kitchen equipment/spatulas/cleaning supplies/salt/sugar/oil.  

An appointment is a minimum of 1.5 hours. And depending on the number of dishes or complexity of the required meals, it may go up. We will let you know if the appointment will take over two hours.  

It means the genie will arrive at your home by 4 pm to cook your meal & will finish up around 6 pm. 

No, you do not need to stay in the kitchen while the genie prepares the dishes. But please feel free to engage in a few minutes of conversation. The genies may appreciate it as well. It is their first time in your home & it may help them to feel welcome. 

The prices are all-inclusive (ingredients and labor). We recommend you tip the genie if you have had a good experience. To reward the genie, you can give cash or reach out to us so we can charge it to your card.  

The pricing includes everything (labor and groceries). No added charges, no surprises. We encourage a tip if you are happy with the work of the genie, but it is optional.

Absolutely! You can give the personal chef service as a gift to your friends, family, and loved ones. Please visit to find the best gift ideas for the special person(s).

We know that sometimes things happen, and you may need to change your plans. We enforce a transparent cancellation policy for reservations to ensure a good experience for you and the Genies on our platform.

Cancellation policy

  • You can cancel until 7 days before your reservation for a 100% refund.
  • You can cancel between 6 days and 72 hours (about 3 days) before your reservation for a 50% refund.
  • No refunds for cancelations less than 72 hours before the reservation.

Genie cancellations

If for any reason, our Genie cannot arrive for the reservation after accepting your booking, you will get a full refund.

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