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Date Night

An elegant, romantic dinner that includes a bottle of sparkling wine!
Salad(s)   Appetizer(s)   Entree(s)   Dessert(s)
$270.00 for 2 person

Spanish Inspired 4 Course Experience

Enjoy the Spanish/Latin American inspired flavors that includes chips, salsa, and guacamole.
Salad(s)   Appetizer(s)   Entree(s)   Dessert(s)
$156.00 for 2 person

Italian Inspired 4 Course Dinner

An Italian inspired dinner that includes garlic knots!
Insalata(s)   Antipasti(s)   Primo(s)   Dolci(s)
$156.00 for 2 person

Picnic with Chef

Enjoy a picnic with friends and family that includes a salad, starter and sandwich or wraps.
Salad(s)   Starter(s)   Sandwiches/Wraps(s)
$200.00 for 5 person

Asian Inspired 4 Course Experience

A menu of Asian inspired flavors that includes Spring Rolls.
Greens(s)   Apps(s)   Entree(s)   Sweets(s)
$156.00 for 2 person

BBQ Inspired Package

Enjoy this BBQ inspired menu that includes a salad, main, side and vegetable.
Salad(s)   Main(s)   Sides(s)   Vegetables(s)
$264.00 for 4 person

Taco Night

Enjoy a taco night with family and friends. Comes with lime crema, pico, guacamole, and queso dip.
Tortillas(s)   Proteins(s)   Sides(s)
$180.00 for 4 person

Reviews (11)

CookinGenie User
Jessica P.
CookinGenie User
Toya J.
This was a great experience. I'm so glad I stumbled across this site. LaPriste was amazing and his food was so good. We plan to use him again soon. I recommend you give him a try.
CookinGenie User
Glenn W.
Exceeded our ecpectations
CookinGenie User
Yasir D.
CookinGenie User
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