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Mar 13, 2024


Activities in Lexington That Your Children Will Love

Whoever thinks Disneyland is the best place to take children is yet to go to Lexington. With genres of all kinds, kids’ activities in Lexington, KY, will surely put smiles on those little faces.

From horsing around to hands-on learning, there’s something for every kid to enjoy in the Bluegrass State’s capital. In this blog, we will talk about activities to keep your kids entertained while you’re in Lexington.

Dive into Discovery at Explorium of Lexington

Whoever said learning couldn’t be an exhilarating adventure hasn’t explored the depths of the Explorium of Lexington. The Explorium banishes boredom with its nine galleries bursting with over 100 hands-on activities in Lexington, KY. Whether they’re voyaging through the cosmos, unearthing prehistoric relics, or entranced within a colossal bubble, every child’s inquisitive spirit finds a home here.

Dine Like Royalty with CookinGenie

Why go out when you can dine like royalty right at home? Treat your family to a culinary extravaganza with CookinGenie, where talented chefs whip up gourmet meals in the comfort of your kitchen. Every dish is cooked with love and attention to detail, from mouthwatering mains to decadent desserts. So sit back, relax, and let a private chef in Lexington, KY, take care of the cooking – it’s the ultimate treat for food-loving families!

Soar into the Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Prepare for liftoff as you journey to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, where your children’s imaginations will take flight. Children will be in wonders with authentic aircraft like sleek jets and vintage biplanes. Interactive displays are poised to widen their eyes with wonder, ensuring a visit to this museum becomes one of the indispensable kid’s activities in Lexington, KY, for aspiring aviators.

Canter into Kentucky Horse Park

Galloping into a realm of equine ecstasy awaits your young horse enthusiasts at the Kentucky Horse Park! With interactive exhibits to ignite their curiosity, daily parades showcasing the majestic Breeds Barn Show, and vast expanses of open terrain to roam, this park promises an unforgettable escapade. And don’t let the opportunity trot by without experiencing the enchanting Southern Lights holiday spectacle – a surefire hit with the crowds!

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Navigate the Kentucky River at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Chart a course for Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, where young adventurers embark on a scenic riverboat odyssey along the meandering Kentucky River. Encounter friendly farm locals and traverse miles of verdant hiking trails, seamlessly blending historical intrigue with outdoor exploration. Keep watch for panoramas that steal the breath away at every turn!

Indoor Fun at Malibu Jack’s

Malibu Jack’s is the screw of all jacks, and by jacks, we mean kids of all ages. Being the only indoor theme park in Lexington, it offers many activities in Lexington, KY, that will always be uninterrupted by scorching sun or raining buckets.

Kids will get crazy with arcade gaming and the bounce beach. You can avail of the Bounce Beach only with a $10 additional fee, but it is something that your littles will love. It also has a safe space with tunnels and slides where toddlers can play, climb, and crawl.

At Malibu Jack’s, you don’t have to send your teenagers to the movies because this place has activities like fast go-karts, laser tag, basketball shoot-out, the 5-D motion theater rides, and the indoor roller coaster.

While they have kids covered, the surprise is that they have things for you, too! You can enjoy mini golf on their indoor golf courses or compete with family in a bowling game in their bowling alley. Visiting this spot should be on your list when making one called ‘Activities in Lexington, KY.’

Get Creative at The Living Arts & Science Center

The Living Arts & Science Center is the place where creativity flourishes. This place brings together science, art, education, and community service for children and adults. From planetarium shows to crafts, camps, and exhibits, everything fun and informative blooms under one roof. Their attraction is discovery nights for children for interactive learning.

There is a physics/engineering/science room, which little one will enjoy exploring. There are also several classrooms for art classes. A great portion of the center is dedicated to art. Visiting LASC can be one of the best activities in Lexington, KY, for older children interested in art and science.

Encounter Cold-Blooded Creatures at Kentucky Reptile Zoo

Lexington isn’t leaving herpetology enthusiasts any less entertained! An adventure at Kentucky Reptile Zoo is another fascinating kid’s activity in Lexington, KY. At Kentucky Reptile Zoo, reptile fans can come face to face with slithering, scaly species. From serpents to lizards, this sanctuary is another Kingdom of Animalia.

Delight in Dramatics at Lexington Children’s Theatre

If your kids have that ‘I will be a movie star when I grow up’ persona, Lexington’s Children’s Theatre is where you need to take them. They will love the performances that are specifically on show to inspire them. The best thing about this theatre is their ‘Pay what you will’ shows, which is exactly what it reads. Viewers can pay for the tickets with any money they think is fit.

Indulge in Retail Therapy at Fayette Mall

Children love shopping more than women, and the Fayette Mall will just pop their eyes out. This mall has over 200 boutiques and eateries, promising a paradise for both young and old. Not only can you find everything from a Nerf gun to the cutest pin here, but Build the Bear Workshop will get your children stuck to the floor. Kids can make their own plush toys from scratch with this workshop. Such an activity will give your kids a toy that is uniquely theirs and you to something look back on and smile at.

Immerse in the Interactive Cinema at Movie Tavern

Almost every person who was once a happy child remembers a movie night with family. Movie Tavern makes such memories better. Enjoy delectable meals delivered straight to your seat as you watch the latest blockbuster streams. There’s no better way to call it a day after a fun-filled calendar in Lexington.

The Fun-Tastic Lexington

Before we know it, the little kids become young adults and bid goodbye to leave for college or jobs. In such moments, we look back at memories of the whole family being together and having a great time.

These activities in Lexington, KY, will fill your camera roll with smiles and laughter and give you memories to remember. So pack your bags, round up the little ones, and get ready for a vacation filled with fun.

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