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Apr 12, 2024


Ideas for a Magical Date in Tampa

The age-old dilemma that has puzzled lovers since the dawn of time—or at least since the invention of the weekend: ‘What on earth should we do tonight?’ If you find yourself in Tampa, perplexed by the paradox of choice amidst its buzzing streets and romantic sunsets, fear not! You’re about to go on a journey that will make every ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’ a thing of the past.

Its unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty makes Tampa a treasure for couples looking for date ideas. This blog post offers ideas for a date night in Tampa that will make you never settle for Netflix and chill again.

Attend a Candlelight Concert

Tampa’s enchantment comes alive once the sun dips down, and you can witness it at the Candlelight concerts. Hold up before you go: “Oh, another concert?” These aren’t your run-of-the-mill gigs. Here, historic Tampa locations like the grandiose Centro Asturiano de Tampa do up in the glow of hundreds of candles.

On a Candlelight concert date, you will find the perfect setting, sitting next to your sweetheart and surrounded by flickering lights. The shows here bring together renditions of the best in all the worlds. Expect to listen to classical composers like Vivaldi or be surprised by the surprising tributes to modern artists like Taylor Swift.

A CookinGenie Dinner Date Night

Tampa’s food scene extends beyond the Michelin star restaurants. With CookinGenie chefs available for private chef services, dining has revolutionized in Tampa.

Ditch the waiting queues of top-rated eateries and have restaurant-quality meals at home. Hire a private chef in Tampa through CookinGenie to savor meals just in the ways you want them to be. These expert chefs are skilled in crafting a menu that caters to taste preferences and dietary restrictions. CookinGenie brings the quiet luxury of private dining in Tampa at reasonable prices.

Check out their website and app to explore chefs and their menus in your area. Select the chef you want to arrive at your doorstep on your required date, sit back, and relax. The chef will take care of shopping for the ingredients, cooking the dishes, and even cleaning up the kitchen once the dishes are prepared.

Pack a Picnic

Here’s one really plain but super pretty idea: pack a picnic. It’s the cheapest way to spend quality time with your sweetheart and enjoy local nature in Tampa.

The sound of the waves, fresh air, and beautiful views build a very romantic setting. You can go at sunrise, mid-day, or sunset, offering a unique and stunning experience. If you’ve had too many beaches, Tampa’s local parks are equally great for a picnic.

All these green spots provide a beautiful backdrop for chilling out and cozying up with your lover. Prepare some food, choose a convenient place to picnic, and enjoy the simple moment when you are together outside.

Rent Kayaks

Kayaking is another great date idea for couples who live in or are visiting Tampa. You will get exercise and sun all in one. There are many options available for renting a kayak in Tampa. You also get tours that will introduce you to various local plants and animals that will come along the way. Here are some kayak renting options in Tampa.

  • Wills Adventures
  • Blind Pass Boat and Jet Ski Rental
  • Alafia River Canoe Rentals
  • Riverwalk Boating Company

Stroll the scenic Tampa Riverwalk

Have you ever noticed that some of the most romantic scenes in the movies happen on the Riverwalk? Make your romantic scenes at the Tampa Riverwalk. Here, you can do many activities like walking, biking, or riding a scooter, and call it the best date night in Tampa.

The Riverwalk is known to be most vibrant during Riverfest, which takes place May 3-4. During this event, you can enjoy fun activities, food from local trucks, music, and unique events like a wiener dog derby or a paddle invasion on the Hillsborough River.

Immerse yourself in Busch Gardens

America has many theme parks, but Busch Garden is a must-have experience in Tampa. Having fun here with your sweetheart should be on your list of Tampa date ideas. This park is much more than the roller coasters and rides. Here, you will experience many animal exhibits and safari rides.

You can get close to majestic creatures on the Serengeti Plain safari. Apart from these activities, many other events happen all year round to guarantee a fun time with your boo. You can check the upcoming events on the official website and plan your visit accordingly.

Cruise the beach

Hop on the coolest ride ever with your special someone. The Sea Screamer is the biggest and fastest speedboat in Tampa. On this one-hour trip, you’ll see dolphins jumping around you from comfy seats while sipping on cool drinks.

Later, you can dig into a yummy lunch right by the beach, enjoy rides to and from the beach, and have plenty of time to build castles with your lover on the sand.

Take a Helicopter Tour

You might have heard the phrase that love is in the air. With a helicopter tour in Tampa, you’ll live that phrase. Taking this tour is one of the most romantic ideas for a date night in Tampa.

This tour becomes something not to be missed at night. You’ll know what we’re talking about when you see all the city lights or during sunset. Get cozy with your partner in a helicopter and see a whole new view of your city.

Wine tasting at Book + Bottle

Book+Bottle takes just one visit to become a favorite Tampa date night activity. This place has a wine bar, a coffee bar, and a bookstore all in one. You can come in with your love, grab a coffee, and check out the books.

They host wine-tasting events and have book clubs that are open to members. Past visitors have mentioned that everything from their services to drinks and food is worth the drive to this place for an indoor activity in Tampa for adults.

Drive in movies

There’s no need to catch the latest movie in the theatres when you can add an element of novelty to the night. Drive-in Movies have become one of the most famous options for a date night in Tampa. The reason is that movies hit differently when they’re watched under the stars.

These movies are often less expensive than traditional movie shows, giving you a budget-friendly option. Since you’ll be in your vehicle, you’ll also have privacy with your partner, which will allow you to cuddle with your partner without feeling overly exposed. Here are some Drive-in movie venues in Tampa:

  • Silver Moon Drive-In Theater
  • Ruskin Family Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Joy-Lan Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Ocala Drive-In Theater

Set up Hammocks and Enjoy the Sunset

You can never have enough sunsets in Tampa, especially when the views are so amazing. One of the best Tampa date night ideas for couples is taking hammocks to the water and chilling with your partner. The feeling of being with someone and watching breathtaking views is something you’ll only be able to understand by actually doing it. In a word, it’s surreal. You don’t have to skip this idea if you don’t have a hammock; you could always bring blankets to level up these date ideas.

Here are some suggestions for spots to do this activity:

  • Vinoy Park (St. Pete)
  • Dunedin Causeway (Dunedin)
  • Courtney Campbell Causeway (Tampa)

Elevate your Date Nights

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to banishing those dreaded “what do we do tonight?” blues in Tampa. Remember, it’s not just about what you do but who you’re with that makes these moments truly special. So, grab your partner and embark on a journey of discovery and romance in this vibrant city. There is a treasure trove of experiences that promise to elevate your date night in Tampa from routine to remarkable. 

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