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Naveen Joshi

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May 21, 2024


Places to Find Late-Night Food in Miami

The world is made of two kinds of people. Some tuck in by 10 PM, dreaming sweetly; others just hit their stride, slipping into the night with an energy that buzzes until dawn.

Miami has options for both but excels at serving those who thrive in the late hours. Known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culture, Miami is also a haven for late-night eaters.

This blog post is your map of the best food places in Miami to grab a bite long after sunset. Let’s check out the spots that keep Miami alive with their flavors and aroma long after the stars start to twinkle.

Chito’s Red Tacos

Did you know Miami serves tacos like those in Los Angeles? You’ll need to head to Chito’s Red Tacos to taste these. You can enjoy their tripe tacos, cheesy vampiro tacos, birria, and big burritos at the picnic benches or opt for takeout. They’re also available on delivery apps, so you can have late-night food in Miami, wherever you prefer.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

At Bodega Taqueria y Tequila, you can enjoy a casual meal or thrive in the nightlife. Start with their menu full of tasty tacos, burritos, and tortas. When ready for more, step through a unique port-a-potty door to discover a lively hidden bar.

Yakko Bistro

Yakko Bistro is where you’ll savor authentic Japanese izakaya-style dining in Miami. It’s casual and offers many traditional Japanese dishes that locals crave.

While they serve excellent sushi, the highlight here is the kushiyaki, especially the tsukune skewers, which are the best in the city. Also popular are the large servings of omurice and tasty okonomiyaki.

Open late, Yakko Bistro is popular among restaurant workers who are finishing late shifts. It’s the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys sake and late-night food in Miami.

The Anderson

Located in Miami’s Upper East Side, The Anderson is an upscale bar open from 5 PM to 2 AM, extending to 3 AM on some nights. The bar features comfortable indoor and vibrant outdoor seating areas.

Here, you can enjoy a selection of small dishes and cocktails. For a late-night snack, check out the El Toro Taco, one of the best food trucks in Miami, in the back, serving Tex-Mex favorites.

Pepito’s Plaza

Head to Pepito’s Plaza, a Venezuelan fast-food staple since 2002, known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious late-night offerings. Their specialty is hot dogs and pepitos smothered in a signature blend of six sauces, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pink sauce, garlic sauce, and tartar sauce.

Each item is a flavor explosion perfect for capping off a night out. You can also find them in Brickell, serving up the best food in Miami during the late hours.

Big Pink

A standout feature in Miami’s late-night dining scene, Big Pink takes its name to heart. Situated on a bustling corner just off Collins Avenue, this two-story, bright pink building is impossible to miss. The interiors match the exterior with neon pink tabletops and a pink ambiance.

In the menu you can find tasty dishes like baked mac and cheese, chicken tenders with honey mustard, pancakes with butter and syrup and everything American.

Cheeseburger Baby

When it’s past 11 PM in South Beach, and you’re craving a cheeseburger, Cheeseburger Baby is where you should set the map.

Famous for its solid, straightforward quarter-pound cheeseburgers, this is one of the best food places in Miami that ensures you get a tasty bite that’s easy to manage, even if you’re heading home.

While their menu offers a variety, the smart move is to stick with the classic burger and fries. Top them off with cheese, bacon, or both for an extra treat.

La Sandwicherie

Since 1988, La Sandwicherie in South Beach has been a favorite among the city’s night owls for serving French-inspired sandwiches until 5 AM. Each sandwich is packed with premium ingredients like smoked salmon, turkey, prosciutto, and salami into a crusty baguette.

Customers can personalize their sandwiches with fresh toppings such as lettuce, green peppers, cornichons, and black olives sprinkled with their signature magic vinaigrette.

For something uniquely refreshing, try the Tropical—a signature sandwich that blends savory and sweet with layers of avocado, mozzarella, crisp vegetables, and a mix of papaya, mango, and pineapple.

La Latina

Located next to the famous wine bar Lagniappe and close to Wynwood, La Latina is a prime spot for Venezuelan late-night food in Miami. It closes at 10 PM on weekdays, but on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s open until 2 AM. If you’re out late in the area, stop by La Latina for some of the best arepas in the city.


What would you want more from a bar? A food hall. 1-800-Lucky is the Asian is one of the most vibrant food places in Miami that keeps the energy alive in Wynwood until 3 AM. Covering 10,000 square feet, this hotspot is perfect for late-night dining, offering everything from Peking duck buns and deep bowls of ramen to sushi hand rolls packed with fresh fish.

As your night winds down, make sure to stop by Taiyaki for a unique treat. This spot serves up Japanese ice cream in fish-shaped cones, with flavors like matcha and black sesame that are as colorful as they are delicious.


Miami is known for its nightlife as much as it is for its beaches. To maintain its reputation, it has opened up many options to keep party people high on global flavors.

If your late-night dining plans are on the calendar for the future, consider hiring a personal chef in Miami. There are several benefits to hiring a chef that outweigh the services of a restaurant or other food-serving establishments.

One of these benefits is that you can customize your meals and menu to fit your tastes and preferences. It’s unlikely to get this level of customization at restaurants where half of the food is pre-cooked and stir-fried to bring it warm to your table.

The personal chef service includes shopping, cooking, and cleaning. This inclusion means that your chef will shop for the fresh ingredients that your chef will use to cook your meals and also clean the kitchen once they have prepared the meals.

You can hire a personal chef using CookinGenie’s website or app.

Now that you have a list of places to eat late-night food in Miami, you can pick what tempts your taste buds and drive to the spot that serves it without any curfew.

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