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Laura Madden

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May 15, 2024


See & Savor – Noli Modern x CookinGenie

There is always something that catches the eye at Findlay Market. On some days, it’s Cincinnati events, and on other days, it’s a fresh batch of produce. As a Cincinnati resident, you might have had one of those days when you couldn’t explain how some hours of exploration turn into a day at this place.  

I’ve always been an esthete. Aesthetics have a way of stirring emotions, and I felt profound appreciation when I stumbled upon the striking Italian kitchen design by Noli at Findlay Market.  

To say that their kitchens are a masterpiece would be an injustice. It seemed like a utopia for family dinners, hearty laughs, and, of course, delicious meals. Right then, an idea sparked in my mind: What if we could bring this level of artistry and culinary excellence together in a Cincinnati Event

Fast-forward to today, and that idea has blossomed into a fantastic collaboration. CookinGenie and NOLI are teaming up to host an unforgettable evening in which the fusion of exceptional design and exquisite flavors will come to life.  

What’s in the Event for the Attendees? 

This Cincinnati event between CookinGenie and NOLI at Findlay Market offers valuable takeaways for attendees across a broad spectrum.  

Appreciation of Italian Design 

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of modern Italian design through NOLI’s unique approach to kitchen customization. This insight into the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design can inspire homeowners or enthusiasts to think about their own home renovation or design projects. 

Culinary Experiences 

Participants will enjoy delicious creations from local personal chefs, showcasing the convenience and quality of hiring a chef through CookinGenie. This is one of the best Cincinnati events that can change perceptions about personal chef services, demonstrating their accessibility for everyday meals or special occasions. 

Engaging Activities 

Throughout the evening, participate in interactive sessions that delve deeper into food preparation and kitchen design. These sessions are designed to be informative where 2 local chefs will be providing valuable insights into culinary and design arts, which is no less than a Cincinnati food tour

Expert Insights 

Hear from leaders in the culinary and design industries. These talks will provide a deeper understanding of the trends shaping today’s lifestyle choices in cuisine and interior design. 

Community Engagement 

This Cincinnati event emphasizes community involvement by supporting The Corporation for Findlay Market through ticket sales. Attendees can feel good knowing their participation helps enhance the market experience for everyone, fostering a sense of community pride and ownership. 

Networking Opportunities 

The Cincinnati event will gather decor buffs, food lovers, and residents, providing an excellent networking opportunity. Attendees who meet people of their kind can potentially have new collaborations or friendships. 

Support for Local Businesses 

The event promotes local businesses by highlighting the offerings of CookinGenie’s private chefs in Cincinnati and NOLI’s design expertise, encouraging attendees to patronize and support these enterprises beyond the event. 

The Look and Taste of Noli X CookinGenie 

At this Cincinnati event, CookinGenie and NOLI will be joining forces. As hosts, both brands will showcase their celebration of craftsmanship, cuisine, and community. CookinGenie will bring the kitchen to life with talented local personal chefs.  

These chefs will prepare light bites, demonstrating the platform’s versatility and creativity. Through these interactions, attendees will see firsthand how easy and delightful it is to book a personal chef for any occasion, from dinner parties to casual gatherings. 

Meanwhile, the sleek NOLI showroom will be an interactive exploration of modern Italian kitchen design. Both CookinGenie and NOLI will use their platforms to promote this event, aiming to draw a diverse crowd and highlight the seamless integration of their services and products into everyday life.  

Event Details 


  • Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024 
  • Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM ET 


  • Location: NOLI Modern Italian Living 
  • Address: 100 W Elder St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 


  • Price: $5 per ticket 
  • Purpose: All proceeds will benefit The Corporation for Findlay Market, enhancing the overall market experience for visitors. 

Join us for an exclusive Cincinnati event that combines fine food, exquisite design, and a commitment to community enhancement.

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