Seasonal Events in Columbus

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Feb 15, 2024


Seasonal Events in Columbus: 2024 Edition

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Imagine a city where each season paints a new story, where every month unfolds an exhilarating chapter of celebrations and experiences – this is Columbus for you.

In 2024, Columbus will be a place where time is marked not by the ticking of clocks but by the pulse of its vibrant events. In this blog, ‘Top Columbus Events for Every Time of the Year – 2024 Edition,’ we invite you on an enchanting journey through the city’s most captivating festivities.

From the glittering lights of winter galas to the vibrant hues of summer festivals, each of these seasonal activities in Columbus is a unique gem waiting to be discovered. Let’s find out what makes every moment here worth celebrating!

Winter Events in Columbus 2024:

In winter, the air is alive with the magic of holiday markets, ice-skating galas, and enchanting light shows. It’s a season where events bring warmth and sparkle to the frosty days and long nights.

Here are the top 5 events in Columbus that you can enjoy during winter 2024.

1. HighBall Halloween | October 2024 | Short North Arts District

Experience the ultimate fusion of fashion and fantasy at HighBall Halloween. Held in the vibrant Short North Arts District, this costume couture extravaganza showcases the creativity and flair of Columbus’s fashion scene. Witness local designers unveil their runway masterpieces and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of extravagant and whimsical outfits. With a demanding bar set for the public costume contest, it’s the perfect occasion to let your imagination run wild. Plan your outfit and grab tickets early for a night of fashion, fun, and festivity!

2. Lithopolis Honeyfest | October 2024 | Lithopolis

Sweeten your October with a visit to the Lithopolis Honeyfest, celebrating the golden goodness of honey and the industrious bees that make it. Coinciding with National Honey Month, this festival is a haven for honey enthusiasts. Enjoy honey bake-offs, explore diverse arts and crafts booths, and indulge in honey-themed treats. Keep an eye out for the Honey Princess and immerse yourself in the buzz and excitement of all things bee-related in the charming town of Lithopolis.

3. Pumpkins Aglow | October-November 2024 | Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

As the sun sets, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens transforms into an enchanted world of Pumpkins Aglow. Wander through the pumpkin patch and marvel at the Pumpkin Houses, illuminated by the soft glow of intricately carved jack-o-lanterns. This family-friendly event also features whimsical decorations, including larger-than-life spiders, a mysterious foggy creek, and a ghostly graveyard, creating an unforgettable autumnal experience.

4. Scrawl | November 2024 | Franklinton Arts District

Scrawl in November is where Franklinton’s thriving arts scene beats the loudest. This unique event brings together an eclectic mix of arts organizations, showcasing the flourishing creative community. Keep an eye out for announcements on participating artists and groups, and prepare to be immersed in a dynamic celebration of local artistry and community spirit in the heart of Franklinton.

5. The Columbus Italian Festival | October 2024 | St. John the Baptist Church

Experience the vibrant heritage and lively spirit of Columbus’s Italian Village at the Columbus Italian Festival. Nestled near the bustling St. John the Baptist Church, this festival is a tribute to the rich Italian roots. Discover a world of delicious food, captivating music, and colorful parades. As you wander through the streets, witness the rejuvenation with its modern condos, trendy bars, and cozy cafes, all while basking in the joyous atmosphere of this cultural celebration.

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Spring Events in Columbus 2024:

Spring in Columbus is a canvas of cultural festivals, blooming flower shows, and lively street fairs. This season is all about celebrating the rejuvenation of nature with Columbus seasonal celebrations that are as colorful and fresh as spring itself.

1. Arnold Sports Festival | February 29–March 3, 2024 | Greater Columbus Convention Center and Ohio Expo Center

Experience the excitement of the nation’s largest multi-sport event at the Arnold Sports Festival. Bringing over 10,000 athletes from over 80 countries to Columbus, this festival showcases an astonishing array of sports, from bodybuilding to equestrian. Witness the epitome of physical excellence and sporting diversity at this internationally celebrated event, making it a must-attend for sports enthusiasts.

2. Columbus Brew Festival | March 9, 2024 | COSI

Savor the taste of Columbus’s vibrant craft beer scene at the Columbus Brew Festival, hosted in the unique setting of COSI after hours. This event allows beer enthusiasts to try out 150+ varieties of beer from over 50 different breweries. Your admission includes delightful beer tastings and access to all of COSI’s fascinating exhibits, blending science and brews for an unforgettable experience.

3. Ohioana Book Festival | April 20, 2024 | Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Library

Immerse yourself in the literary world at the Ohioana Book Festival, celebrating Ohio’s rich authorship. Held at the Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Library, the festival features panel discussions, author readings, and book signings. Book enthusiasts can now meet and engage with Ohio authors from various genres and topics in a perfect venue.

4. Blooms & Butterflies | Spring 2024 | Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Step into a mesmerizing world of nature at Blooms & Butterflies in the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Wander amidst tropical plants and watch hundreds of exotic, colorful butterflies flutter around you. This enchanting exhibit celebrates spring, offering a serene and beautiful escape into the wonders of nature.

5. Columbus International Film & Animation Festival | Spring 2024

Be a part of cinematic history at the Columbus International Film & Animation Festival, the first and longest continuously-running film festival in North America. Organized by the Film Council of Greater Columbus, CIF+AF boasts a diverse and rich history since its inception in 1952. This festival is a testament to the evolution of film and animation, showcasing a wide array of genres and styles from talented filmmakers around the globe.

Summer Events in Columbus 2024:

Summer in Columbus sizzles with outdoor concerts, food festivals, and riverfront celebrations. It’s a time when the city is buzzing with energy, offering events embodying the joy and brightness of the sunny season.

1. COSI Science Festival | May 1–4, 2024 | COSI

Join us at Ohio’s largest science extravaganza, the COSI Science Festival, where the wonders of science come alive in Columbus and surrounding communities. Culminating in the Big Science Celebration at COSI, this festival features many unique online programs showcasing Ohio’s groundbreaking scientific achievements. Engage in interactive experiences, witness cutting-edge innovations, and fuel your curiosity in an event as educational as it is entertaining.

2. Sonic Temple Arts & Music Festival | May 16–19, 2024 | Historic Crew Stadium

Get ready to rock at America’s premier rock festival, Sonic Temple Arts & Music Festival, returning to the iconic Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus. This event promises a lineup brimming with rock legends and up-and-coming stars, setting the stage for an unforgettable musical journey. Be a part of the electrifying atmosphere where music and art converge, making Sonic Temple a highlight of the festival season.

3. Ohio Black Expo | May 23–26, 2024 | Downtown Columbus

Experience the vibrant spirit of #blackexcellence at the Ohio Black Expo in Downtown Columbus. This Memorial Day Weekend, the Riverfront Culture Fest transforms into a hub of cultural celebration with over 100 vendors, food trucks, concerts, and celebrity appearances. Immerse yourself in a rich food, music, art, and networking tapestry, celebrating the diverse and dynamic African-American community.

4. The Memorial Tournament, presented by Workday | June 3–9, 2024 | Muirfield Village

Experience the prestige of The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village, a golf event with a purpose founded by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. This tournament showcases top-tier golfing talent and supports Greater Columbus charities in collaboration with the Nicklaus Children’s Healthcare Foundation and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Witness exceptional golf and contribute to a noble cause, making each swing and putt meaningful.

5. Columbus Arts Festival | June 7–9, 2024 | Downtown Columbus

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds at the Columbus Arts Festival, renowned as one of the nation’s most prestigious arts gatherings. Downtown Columbus transforms into an artistic paradise, featuring over 200 visual artists, multiple performance stages, and various food vendors. Free to attend, this festival attracts the nation’s finest artists and art enthusiasts from across the country, offering an immersive experience in the arts like no other.

Fall Events in Columbus 2024:

Fall in Columbus is a time of rich traditions, with harvest fairs, Halloween parades, and wine festivals. This season paints the city with a sense of community and nostalgia as each event celebrates the beauty and bounty of the autumn.

1. Cartoon Crossroads Columbus | Fall 2024 | Around Columbus

Dive into the vibrant world of cartoon art with Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC), a city-wide celebration hosted by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. This event is a haven for creators and enthusiasts alike, showcasing the rich cartooning culture of Columbus and nurturing the next generation of talent. With plans for both in-person and virtual options, CXC promises an inclusive and diverse celebration of cartoon art in all its forms.

2. Columbus Coffee Festival | Fall 2024 | Ohio Village

For coffee lovers and casual sippers alike, the Columbus Coffee Festival is a paradise of endless coffee tasting. Held in the picturesque Ohio Village, your ticket includes a unique, themed mug and unlimited tastings from many vendors across Columbus and Ohio. Accompanied by live music, food trucks, and local treat vendors, the festival offers a delightful experience for the entire family, with playgrounds and historical attractions adding to the charm.

3. Fashion Week Columbus | Fall 2024 | Around Columbus

Celebrate the city’s status as a fashion capital during Fashion Week Columbus. This glamorous event showcases the finest local designers, offering runway shows that epitomize couture elegance. Engage with the fashion elite, shop for trendsetting outfits, and immerse yourself in a week-long extravaganza highlighting the vibrant fashion scene.

4. Harvest Blooms | Fall 2024 | Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Embrace the essence of autumn at Harvest Blooms in Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This unique exhibit is a spectacle of fall, featuring hundreds of pumpkins, vibrant mums, and stunning autumn foliage. Don’t miss the enchanting pumpkin houses and the iconic pumpkin tree, set against the backdrop of the beautifully transformed botanical gardens.

5. Columbus Oktoberfest | Fall 2024 | Ohio Expo Center/Ohio State Fairgrounds

Join the lively celebration of the rich German heritage at Columbus Oktoberfest. Hosted at the Ohio Expo Center and Ohio State Fairgrounds, this festival brings authentic German culture to life. Don your dirndls and lederhosen, enjoy the upbeat polka music, and indulge in traditional German fare. With over 130 years of tradition by the Schmidt family of Schmidt’s in the German Village, this event is a testament to the cultural diversity and festive spirit of Columbus.


As we wrap up our whirlwind tour of the most captivating events for every season in 2024, it’s clear that this city is a mosaic of celebrations, each event painting its own unique stroke on the canvas of the year. These events not only showcase the dynamic spirit of the city but also bring together communities, artists, and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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