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Personal chefs are not just a luxury for special events. The time you save cooking and cleaning can go toward other things you need to get done. And the food is delicious. Our chefs are talented tastemakers that can prepare cuisines from all over the world.   

The next time you’re stressed about preparing dinner—or have friends coming over and don’t know what to cook—CookinGenie may be the perfect option! 

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Our Columbus cooking process

Experience top-tier dining in the comfort of your Columbus home with these simple steps. 

Browse and Book

Explore our platform to select a chef and meals that suit your taste.


Tailor your order with any specific instructions, allergies, or dietary restrictions.

Confirm Booking

Review your choices and secure your booking with payment.


Let our Columbus chef handle everything, from shopping to cooking.

Explore our wonderful chefs

Many people feel that personal chef service is a luxury that should only be used for special events. However, the pandemic has shown us that private dining doesn’t need to be a rare occasion. The surge of private dining events in the U.S. continues to grow, so it may be time for you to join the movement.

With CookinGenie, you can book personal chefs in Cleveland across the city.
Fresh-cooked meals are directly related to becoming your happiest and healthiest self. CookinGenie can help you get valuable time back in your day by providing delicious, nutritious meals for you and your family

Why book a Columbus personal chef with CookinGenie?

Experience unforgettable culinary moments, custom menus, and stellar service for your dining occasions in Columbus. 

What sets CookinGenie apart in Columbus

Nurturing local talent and their artistry

Supports local chefs

Each meal gives a chef an opportunity to be seen and appreciated. It also helps them earn money doing something they love. 

Fresh cooked eating

The combination of fresh ingredients and skilled chefs means you get high-quality meals.  

Supports your busy schedule

Need a night off from cooking? Have a dinner party coming up that seems overwhelming? Don’t worry! CookinGenie has you covered. 

Columbus's frequently asked questions about CookinGenie

Discover answers to common queries and learn more about our services and policies. 

Visit or use our app, enter your Columbus address, pick your preferred dishes, and set the date and time for your culinary experience.

Try choosing another date or reach out to us for assistance. We’re constantly expanding in Columbus and might have the perfect genie for you soon.

Definitely! Mention any specific requests in the special instructions box during checkout, and we’ll coordinate with our Columbus genies to fulfill your needs.

Our genies in Columbus can adapt to various kitchen sizes and setups. They generally need standard appliances and utensils and will bring any special items if required.

Of course! CookinGenie is a great birthday gift. Who wouldn’t love a home-cooked meal from a skilled professional? Just visit to begin your order. 

While tipping isn’t included in the initial pricing, it’s appreciated for exceptional service. You can add a tip during checkout, which will be processed 24 hours after the service.