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May 01, 2024


Stay-At-Home Activities for a Fun Time in Orlando

Are you feeling the stir-craziness creeping in like an unwanted guest during your stay-at-home stint? You know the feeling: the walls start closing in, the TV remote becomes an extension of your arm, and suddenly, you’re on a first-name basis with your couch cushions.

But fear not, for we have the antidote to your indoor blues! Who says the fun has to pause just because you’re parked at home? Welcome to the ultimate guide to turning your humble abode into a hub of excitement and entertainment. Read and discover our selection of stay-at-home Orlando Activities to transform your living room into the happiest place in Orlando without changing out of your PJs.

DIY Home Escape Room

Creating a DIY Home Escape Room is one of the most thrilling things to do in Orlando for adults. Transform your cozy abode into a puzzling wonderland. First, you’ve got to think of a captivating story that you will turn into an adventure.

Maybe your living room is a secret chamber in an ancient castle, or your kitchen has become the laboratory of a slightly forgetful scientist who’s left clues to a groundbreaking discovery. Whatever the backstory is, it will set the stage for the following puzzles and clues you’ll create.

To create puzzles around it, you can experiment with various ideas. You can line up a series of books that spell out the next clue when put in the correct order or a puzzle where the solution is the WiFi password.

Some more ideas are hiding the clues in a playlist’s song titles, and if you’re tech-savvy, you can send participants on a hunt for a “hidden” website (one you’ve created) that reveals the next clue.

The key to making your DIY Escape Room an intriguing indoor activity in Orlando, Florida, is to keep the clues challenging but not so complex that it becomes frustrating.

A super important pro tip: walk through your escape room yourself or have a friend test it before the big day. This check ensures the flow makes sense and that all clues lead seamlessly from one to the next.

Lastly, set the scene. Turn down the room lights and play some ambient music to match the mood. You can even dress up as a character from your escape room’s story. The goal is to create an immersive experience that will keep everyone talking long after they’ve “escaped.”

Themed Movie Marathons with Homemade Tickets

Who says you have to go out to have a movie night? You can bring a better-than-movie -theatre experience into your living room with a themed movie marathon. The first step is to choose your theme. It could be anything you love, be it superheroes, dinosaurs, or fairy tales.

Once you’ve picked your theme, you can think of decorations. You can decorate with what you have at home and call it a movie night. For example, if you’re watching pirate movies, put some toy ships around or draw a treasure map.

Since this has to be a theatre-like experience, no one should be allowed in the hall without tickets. You can make them from scrap paper, cardboard, or napkins. Write the movie title on it, and you’ve got your ticket to fun.

Complete planning this rendezvous by preparing movie-themed snacks. The idea is to match your snacks to your movie theme, and you have one of the most fun indoor activities in Orlando planned easily.

At-Home Science Experiments

Having at-home science experiments could be one of the most engaging Orlando activities if you have kids at home. You only need stuff you’ve probably got lying around your house to discover how science works. There are many safe experiments you can carry out at home and probably inspire the Newton in your kids.

The Erupting Volcano

Everyone, even your cat, knows about the baking soda and vinegar volcano. But have you ever tried adding a bit of food coloring and dish soap to the mix? It results in a more explosive eruption of bubbly, frothy lava.

Magic Rocks in a Jar

You could grow your crystal garden with a little bit of patience and a lot of sugar or salt. Heat some water (with adult supervision), dissolve as much sugar or salt as possible, and pour it into a clear jar. Stick a skewer or a piece of string into the solution, wait a few days, and watch this scientific activity in Orlando, Florida, in awe as crystal spikes form.

Milk Art

Grab a dish, pour some milk (the fuller, the better), and drop different types of food coloring in the center. Now, take a cotton swab dipped in dish soap and touch the milk with it. Watch the colors dance and swirl like a groovy tie-dye shirt, illustrating the concepts of surface tension. 

Make it Rain in Your House

This interesting Orlando activity does not involve throwing cash in the air. Instead, you can create a cloud in a jar and make it rain. Hot water, ice, and a little hairspray can show you exactly how clouds form and precipitate without getting wet.

Invisible Ink

Lemon juice and a cotton swab are all you need to write invisible messages that only show up when heated. Write your secret message, let it dry, and then hold it over a toaster or a light bulb while being careful. Watch as your secret message magically appears.

Book Club with a Twist

This Orlando activity will have all the bookworms excited. Welcome to the ‘Book Club with a Twist.’ It starts with the usual first step which is picking up the same book. It could be anything from a new release that’s got everyone talking to that one classic novel that everyone pretends to have read.

The goal is to find something that sparks joy, curiosity, or, even better, a healthy debate. The curveball comes in once everyone devours the book (metaphorically, of course, unless you’re into edible books). Crank creativity up to eleven by writing your alternative endings.

For example, what if Elizabeth Bennet had become a spy instead of marrying Mr. Darcy? What if Harry Potter decided to join a rock band instead of hunting Horcruxes?

To keep things spicy, consider voting on the best (or most hilarious) alternative ending and award the competition winner a prize like a custom bookmark or a pen.

Dine-In at Home with CookinGenie Private Chefs

In a world where time is the new currency, CookinGenie offer a meal and gifts you moments. Here’s how it works: You pick what you want to eat, considering all your likes, dislikes, and dietary needs. Then, a private chef in Orlando does all the heavy lifting.

They shop for fresh ingredients, cook a fantastic meal in your kitchen, and, yes, they even clean up after cooking. This means you spend every second having fun with your family or guests, not worrying about the kitchen.

It’s perfect for any occasion or a regular day when you want to eat something special without hassle.

Let the Fun Begin

These were the best activities in Orlando, Florida, transforming the stay-at-home doldrums into a rollercoaster of fun, learning, and sheer creativity. Dive into these activities with an open heart and a curious mind.

Mix and match them to suit your mood or use them as a springboard to invent your own out-of-the-box experiences. After all, the walls of your home are not barriers to fun; they are blank canvases waiting to be filled with your vibrant strokes of joy.

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