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Laura Madden

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Jun 24, 2024


The Best Nightlife Activities in Cleveland 

The best stories in life are made when the sun sets down, and the city lights turn on. Oh, how liberating it feels to be wild and free, having the time of your life with you and your friends doing fun activities.  

But you know what? If you haven’t experienced a night out in Cleveland, you’re missing out on some of the best moments life could give you. From the electric music scene to bars and late-night eateries, Cleveland comes alive when the birds nest in the trees. 

This blog post will be your ultimate guide to things to do in Cleveland at night that set the benchmark for nightlife. So, buckle up; we’re navigating to the adventures of Cleveland’s night scene right after this sentence.

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Live the Night of Your Life at Cleveland’s Best Bars 

Cleveland’s bar scene knows no bar for fun. The clubs here are perfect for every mood, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated evening with cocktails or a lively night powered by craft beer.  

The Velvet Tango Room

Are you wondering what to do in Cleveland for a night of fun and sophistication? The Velvet Tango Room’s list of classic cocktails will have you drooling for another sip. This upscale cocktail lounge also has a speakeasy vibe. Do not hesitate to book a table here if you are planning a classy night out.  

Great Lakes Brewing Company  

This pub is a holy ground for anyone who loves beer. The setting might be historic, but trust us, once the sun goes down, the atmosphere gets as lively as it can, and being here could be one of the best things to do in Cleveland tonight.  

City Tap Cleveland  

Located in Tremont, City Tap Cleveland is a bar known for making people tipsy with its classic and inventive cocktails. Its dimly lit, rustic-chic interior provides the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy drinks and possibly the best food in Cleveland.  

Porco Lounge & Tiki Room  

Head to Porco Lounge & Tiki Room for a fun and tropical night. This tiki bar is on the list of must-visits for its rum selection and creative cocktails. The best part about this place is that you’ll get everything sitting in Polynesian decor.  


LBM is a not-so-usual but special bar located in Lakewood. It plays heavy metal tunes and offers a range of craft cocktails inspired by Norse mythology. The drinks are not all that make LBM a great place; its distinction lies in its theme, which is Viking-based.  

Party All Night at Cleveland’s Hottest Nightclubs

Cleveland knows how to party, and its nightclubs are where you can witness this fact firsthand. Whether you’re looking to dance all night or enjoy great music and drinks with friends, these clubs entertain your every fun requirement.

Vice Nightclub

You need to tell your friends that you’ve found a great place to dance the night away. Head to the Vice Nightclub for a state-of-the-art sound system, dynamic lighting, and a spacious dance floor. Plush seating areas offer a place to relax while top local DJs keep the energy high with dynamic beats.

Rumor Bar & Lounge

Rumor Bar & Lounge is famous for its expansive dance floor and live DJ performances. It is one of those rare places that entices both locals and visitors.

The music focuses on modern rap and hip-hop to entertain partygoers. Rumor Bar & Lounge hosts weekly events and Cleveland activities like Silent Discos and 90’s nights. Beer selections include domestics, imports, and locals.

B-Side Lounge

B-Side Lounge is your access to alternative and indie music. This place hosts weekly events like Silent Discos and 90’s nights; you can’t call yourself a music lover if you’re ready to miss them. The beer selection offers a variety of domestic, imported, and local brews. You can also party under the stars at the full-service patio in the B-Side Lounge.

Adventure Activities

Someone who thinks nightlife is all about great food and drinks has never been to Cleveland. There are many action-packed things to do in Cleveland at night that you can enjoy in this city to feed the thrill your soul has been craving for.

Adrenaline Monkey

Adrenaline Monkey lives by its name; it gives you an adrenaline-pumping adventure with full-fledged ninja warrior courses. You can test your strength and agility at this place against the toughest obstacles. This activity has different levels of difficulty.

The levels include parkour ropes courses, climbing walls, and other challenging obstacles. Each course is timed with a buzzer to add to the competition.

The high-tech video arcade is one of the best things to do in Cleveland tonight for people who would rather have a more laid-back form of play.

The Fear Experience Haunted House

For those who love a good scare, The Fear Experience Haunted House is a must-visit. This venue offers five unique haunted house attractions and is one of Cleveland’s largest and most extravagant. Over the past few years, it has doubled in size, enhancing its reputation for delivering spine-chilling thrills. With actors who train for over two months, the level of detail and dedication to providing a genuine fright is unparalleled.

One of the standout features is the Zombie Warfare attraction, where visitors get to fight back against the creatures of the night. It’s an interactive experience that brings a new level of excitement and engagement. Located just a 17-minute drive from downtown Cleveland, The Fear Experience Haunted House is the perfect place to get adrenaline pumping with a good scare.

16-Bit Bar+Arcade

Combining the nostalgia of classic arcade games with the enjoyment of craft cocktails, 16-Bit Bar+Arcade offers a unique and fun-filled night out. With over 40 classic arcade games, including pinball machines themed around your favorite rock bands and games like Ms. Pac-Man and Dig Dug, this place is a haven for gamers who are looking for things to do in Cleveland at night. The craft cocktails, cleverly named after classic actors, films, and TV series, add to the retro vibe and will take you back to your childhood.


Cleveland can fill nights with excitement, adventure, and unforgettable moments. This city has packed its nightlife with inviting things to do in Cleveland tonight.

But the adventures don’t have to stop when the bars close or the clubs wind down. The best end to any night will be with a private, gourmet meal prepared just for you, and CookinGenie has the best ways to do that for you.

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Here’s to nights that are wild, free, and full of life—just like Cleveland.

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