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Apr 23, 2024


Things to Do in Cleveland That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Are you feeling the pinch but itching to explore? Whether saving up for something big or just keeping the budget tight, finding fun things to do without opening your wallet can be a real challenge.

Well, you’re in luck! This blog is your ticket to enjoying Cleveland’s best activities, which will make you believe that the best things in the world (or at least in Cleveland) are absolutely free.

So, let’s explore these budget-friendly activities in Cleveland this weekend and discover the experiences Cleveland has to offer, all for zero dollars.

The Cleveland Museum of Art 

The Cleveland Museum of Art is the perfect place to kick things off. Here, you can admire the masterpieces of artists like Monet and observe the ancient wonders without reaching for your wallet. Check out the Armor Court and the Egyptian Gallery for a unique experience.

The museum’s outdoor sculpture garden by Wade Lagoon is perfect for taking a walk. If it’s your lucky day, you might catch free concerts or informative lectures and enjoy these outdoor activities in Cleveland.

Cleveland Public Theater Free Shows

The Cleveland Public Theater hosts live shows, a treat to watch. Known for its vibrant performances and creative spirit, this theater plays shows that you won’t have to pay for a ticket.

Most of these are part of their Student Theatre Enrichment Program (STEP), showcasing the talents of young, local actors in dynamic productions. Keep an eye on their event calendar for these shows, including the must-watch annual Día de Muertos celebration.

Edgewater Beach at Edgewater Park

The beaches of Cleveland know how to let people have fun. At Edgewater Beach in Edgewater Park, you can enjoy sandy shores, spectacular views of Lake Erie, and plenty of fun, all for free.

For a perfect beach day, you can pack a picnic, bathe in the sun, and snap that perfect photo with one of the iconic Cleveland script signs. A new playground and a pier make it a fantastic spot for things to do with kids in Cleveland with family and solo adventures.

Voinovich Bicentennial Park

Voinovich Bicentennial Park is the perfect place in Cleveland to enjoy a sunset. This unique blend of green space and urban design offers unmatched skyline and Lake Erie views. The views of the sun setting here are worth a fortune, but you’ll get to relish them all for free. You can also bring your date to this beautiful park, as watching the sunset at Voinovich Bicentennial Park is one of the most romantic things to do in Cleveland.

Terminal Tower Observation

Did you know that Terminal Tower once stood as the second-tallest building in the world? While it no longer holds that title, its grandeur still stands tall. Although primarily known today as part of a bustling shopping center, Tower City, the Terminal Tower’s observation deck offers a glimpse into Cleveland’s historic skyline.

Visiting the terminal tower is one of the best things to do in Cleveland, and it will allow you to appreciate the city’s architecture while letting you enjoy panoramic views.

Cleveland Police Museum

Cleveland Police Museum is a treasure for those with a taste for mystery and history. Admission is free, and inside, you’ll find fascinating exhibitions detailing the gritty history of local law enforcement.

One of the most intriguing displays includes artifacts from the infamous Cleveland Torso Murders, investigated by the legendary Eliot Ness. It’s a spine-chilling yet one of the most captivating activities in Cleveland this weekend.

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse is not just any ordinary greenhouse. It is open every day of the year and completely free. Here, you’ll explore a sanctuary of specialty gardens, from the Latin American Garden to the Japanese Garden.

Visiting Rockefeller Park should be on the list of things to do in Cleveland, OH, for horticulture enthusiasts or someone just looking for a peaceful spot to unwind because the Greenhouse’s displays and thematic gardens are serene beyond description.

Lake View Cemetery

This activity might sound like an unusual recommendation, but Lake View Cemetery is more than just a place of rest. This cemetery is also a park and an outdoor museum. It houses the Garfield Memorial, where visitors can learn about the life and presidency of James A. Garfield.

You can also see the views of the area from the highest point, which could be one of the most enjoyable activities in Cleveland this weekend on long summer days. The cemetery is also the final resting place of figures like John D. Rockefeller and Eliot Ness.

Cleveland Public Library’s Main Branch

The Cleveland Public Library Main Branch is not any ordinary library; it’s a palace for book and architecture lovers. Wander around the magnificent 1925 building and explore a collection of rare books, even the Cleveland Theater Collection.

When you visit this library, chances are the reader in you will be awake. You can enjoy quiet reading time at the Eastman Reading Garden, surrounded by beautiful sculptures and greenery, and have one relaxing outdoor activity in Cleveland.

Get Back to Nature in Cleveland Metroparks

Who said having an outdoor adventure will cost you your wallet?

Cleveland Metroparks are your free pass to the great outdoors. With 18 unique parks, you’ll find plenty of options to explore one at a time. If you’re in the mood to hike the trails at Rocky River Reservation, welcome you.

If you want your day to be filled with sun and sand, hit the beaches at Lakefront Reservation. There is something to explore in each park. The park’s naturalists also host various free programs known to be informative and engaging outdoor activities in Cleveland.


This blog post was our list of things to do in Cleveland that won’t cost you a dime. Cleveland has destinations to entertain everyone, irrespective of their interest or budget. Whatever your hobby, you’ll find something to enjoy in Cleveland without pulling out the wallet from your pocket.

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