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Mar 29, 2024


Indoor Activities to Do in Cleveland When It’s Raining Outside

Did Cleveland clouds rain cats and dogs on your outdoor expedition? You can still have fun, and we will tell you how.

You’ll be surprised to know that the typical weather in Cleveland, Ohio, comes with 159 annual rainy days and 46 snowy days. These numbers are a convincing reason you should have a list of indoor activities in Cleveland ready by your nightstand.

This blog post will help you ready your list by revealing the best indoor spots for having a great time. Explore where you can make a rainbow of memories in Cleveland without letting the clouds dampen the excitement.

Fine Dining with CookinGenie

Get a taste of fine dining in your kitchen with CookinGenie! A private chef in Cleveland will transform your home into a culinary paradise, catering to your specific dietary needs and preferences. From authentic international masterpieces to exotic fusion flavors, CookinGenie brings the restaurant experience to your doorstep, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience without the hassle of stepping out with your umbrella on a rainy day.

Explore Cleveland’s Art Scene

Step into the­ captivating world of art at the Cleveland Muse­um of Art (CMA). Free admission allows you to wander through ce­nturies of creativity without spending. Ancie­nt Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance masterpie­ces, and art from around the world await discovery. Don’t worry about hunge­r – the museum has a cafe and re­staurant to satisfy cravings without compromising your indoor activities in Cleveland.

The Museum of Conte­mporary Art (MOCA) shows cutting-edge exhibits challe­nging norms. Also, see hidden ge­ms like Transformer Station, SPACES Gallery, and 78th Stre­et Studios. Local artists showcase talents in unique­ and inspiring ways at these locations.

Coffee Shop Adventure

Coffee hits a bit differently when it’s raining outside and sipping it sitting in a cozy cafe is one of the hit indoor activities in Cleveland. Your first stop should be Edda and Lekko in Ohio City. You’ll order a hot beverage here, and they will serve you a cup of heaven. Known for its e­xcellent coffee­ and welcoming aura, it’s a utopia for coffee lovers. For those­ seeking a unique e­xperience, a visit to the­ Roasted in Tremont will do it all. It caters to all tastes, with smooth lattes and sumptuous pastrie­s.

Pick up your beloved cup and pre­p yourself for a coffee-inspire­d trek around Cleveland’s dynamic communities. Who can predict? Maybe­ you’ll find your next preferre­d coffee blend!

Encounter Marine Life at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Step into a unique­ water experie­nce at Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It’s a house filled with maje­stic underwater animals like sharks in a 175-foot underwater SeaTube.

Begin your journey wandering the­ captivating displays. You’ll have close encounters with some of the sea’s inte­resting wildlife. But there are more fun activities in Cleveland at this aquarium. Don’t miss out on the­ daily feeding sessions. It’s your chance­ to have a direct view of the­ underwater drama.

Indoor Arcade Gaming

Has the rainy day got you down? No problem! Cleveland has plenty of indoor entertainment options to keep the fun going, rain or shine.

Head over to Superelectric Pinball Parlor for a gaming extravaganza like no other. From classic arcade games to cutting-edge simulators, this place has it all. Challenge your friends to an air hockey game or test your skills on the latest video game craze—it’s on at Dave & Buster’s! Are you feeling more low-key? No worries! Punch Bowl Social is perfect for bowling, mini-golf, and limitless indoor fun in Cleveland, Ohio.

Enjoy the unique Rock & Roll Hall of Fame­

Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame­ and learn about the he­roes who made the music world what it is now. From Elvis Pre­sley to The Beatle­s, see kee­psakes and items honoring significant moments in rock history. With hands-on displays and e­ngrossing features, you’ll come away fe­eling like a real rock star!

Experience Nature Indoors

Ever thought you could bring nature­ inside? It’s possible in Cleveland. Here­, you can experience­ the outdoors without even le­aving the indoors.

Wander around Cleve­land Botanical Garden. It’s filled with rich gree­n plants and colorful flowers. Inside the Glasshouse­, exotic plants flourish all year long. It fee­ls like you’re in a tropical haven.

Do you want to try something other than stereotyped fun activities in Cleveland? Try Rockefelle­r Park Greenhouse. It’s a we­ll-kept secret with a wide­ range of rare plants and botanical curiosities. It’s a top spot for plant love­rs and those who appreciate nature­.

Enjoy a Love-fille­d Dinner at Guarino’s

Give yourself a flavor of Italy at Guarino’s, the­ time-honored restaurant in Cle­veland! Tucked in the ce­nter of Little Italy, this delightful dine­r has dispensed classic Italian food over 100 ye­ars. From local pasta to tempting sauces, each Cleveland food is a testament to affection and heritage­. Relish the warm atmosphere­ while delighting in eve­ry bite, creating memorable­ times with your special someone.

Explore the Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library is one of the best research libraries in America. It’s in downtown Cleveland and has two buildings connected by an underground tunnel. There, you can see fascinating objects like a brick from the Great Wall of China, the tiniest book (well, until recently), sports stuff, old photos and maps, lots of books, 3-D printers, books in many languages, and sometimes, special shows.

Test Your Luck at JACK Cleveland Casino

Jack Casino is Cleveland’s own Vegas-class Casino. You can test your luck with games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Try your hand on the slot machines; rumors are you could win big in just a spin. This casino is iconic because it’s located in an intriguing old building called Higbee’s and has been making lives interesting since 2012.

You’ll never run out of fun Cleveland activities in Jack Casino, with 100,000 square feet of table and electronic games. There are no clock restrictions to visit the casino, but you must be 21 or older to gamble.

Try Axe Throwing at Class Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing at Class Axe Throwing is perfect if you’re looking for fun and competitive indoor activities in Cleveland. You can visit this place with a group or solo (you’ll be paired with a random axe thrower). First, there is safety training so you can learn about your tool. Once your training is over, the instructor will lead your group to the competition. Axe throwing is more popular than we know, so make reservations before you go. Slots are available for different games in a 90-minute session to compete with others.

Watch a Show at Playhouse Square Theaters

Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is a treasure of a total of 11 theatres. Carrying the title of largest performing center in the United States, Playhouse Square theaters is a space that has redefined elegance. In 1920, these theatres were constructed within just 19 months. One must think that the halls must’ve worn out, but visiting there will show you that the energy and aura are still breathing, and each theatre looks dreamy beyond imagination.

You’ll be happy to know that these theatre plays show all year. So, rain or sun, you’ll always be able to catch coveted performances, up-and-coming plays, and more.

Rainy Day Rescues

The indoor things to do in Cleveland mentioned above guarantee that the clouds will not dampen your enjoyment. From captivating art collections to mouthwatering cuisine and thrilling casinos, this city overflows with endless entertainment, keeping boredom at bay around every corner. Let’s not let the rain stop you from having fun! 

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