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Apr 25, 2024


The Perfect Food for Your 4th of July Cookout in Cleveland

The 4th of July in Cleveland is almost perfect. There’s a lot of sunshine, moderate temperature, and just before the humidity levels rise in late July. It’s the ideal time to be outdoors.

Cleveland was one of the first places CookinGenie started offering chef bookings, so it’s a special place for me. I go there often on business, and Clevelanders seem to have an inherent sense of community.

Summer, the Fourth of July, and the Cleveland spirit can combine into an excellent tradition: the July 4th BBQ party.

So, in this blog post, I will talk about things everyone should know about spending the 4th of July in Cleveland and how to make your BBQ party fun.

CookinGenie for Your Cookouts

But before I start, I want to say that hiring a personal chef in Cleveland from CookinGenie will make serving great food at your BBQ party the easiest part.

Our chefs only need a basic kitchen. They bring all the ingredients and special equipment they’ll need. They’ll cook fantastic food, clean up your kitchen afterward, and leave you looking like a star in front of your guests.   

Plus, all our chefs are professionals, and we conduct thorough background checks to ensure you get the best service possible.   

So, if you’re considering having an outdoor BBQ this Independence Day, think of CookinGenie! 

Sides and Accompaniments 

When my friend invited me to a 4th of July BBQ in Cleveland, I typed ‘What should I bring to a 4th of July BBQ in Cleveland?’ into Google.   

This question is a common theme for guests and hosts, so I will start with this.   

Salads, vegetables, homemade condiments, fruits, or ice cream are perfect accompaniments for every BBQ.   

But if you’re in Cleveland, local delicacies can earn extra brownie points with people you meet at the party.  

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream 

This place is a local Cleveland treat, if there’s any. Its flagship center is in Cleveland, and eating there is an experience to treasure. Its takeaways are good enough, too! 

Make sure you have a little to spare, and people will forever remember you as the person with the awesome ice cream.    

Cleveland BBQ Sauce 

The restaurant Mabel’s BBQ is famous for its Cleveland-style barbecue sauce. You can find plenty of recipes online and try making it yourself.   

Another contender on the list is the Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard. It’s another flavor of Cleveland that’s sure to be popular. 

The Old School Tomato BBQ Sauce 

Sweet and savory. It’s the flavor this sauce brings to any BBQ. Bell peppers and apples with caramelized onions and garlic…mwah! That’s the sound of lips smacking together.  

It’s the sauce that goes with the Cleveland Pulled Pork recipe, so chances are that many Clevelanders have some affection for it. This homemade beauty will bring layers of sweetness, tang, spice, and the aroma of cumin and cinnamon to your BBQ. 

Some Other Options 

The list of sides for a BBQ is endless. You can have mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, pasta salads, Caesar’s salad, soda, or beers.   

But choose something local, and you’re sure to impress every Clevelander who comes to your BBQ. 

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What is Traditional Food for the 4th of July in Cleveland?  

There’s no outright answer to the question, “Why do People BBQ on the 4th of July in Cleveland?”   

That’s just tradition. Maybe it has something to do with summer and a family holiday. Like any other state in the country, Cleveland will have pulled pork, chicken, ribs, briskets, and seafood for the 4th of July barbeques.  

But in Cleveland, some BBQ dishes steal the show. 

The Cleveland Polish Boy Sandwich 

The Polish Boy Sandwich is a sausage sandwich. And no dish goes as much with BBQs as sausages. The Polish Boy packs a Polish sausage (called a kielbasa), French Fries, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw into a bun. 

Fish from Lake Erie 

Cleveland is on the shores of Lake Erie. So, some local produce will make its way onto grills on the 4th of July.   

Clevelanders enjoy bass, Steelhead, Walleye, and Perch. Fish is a safe bet as a popular grilled food at July 4th parties. 

Corn Cob 

Corn is popular all over the country, but some say the Corn Belt was born in Ohio. Clevelanders have an affinity for Corn Cobs. And a barbecue is only ever complete with it.   

There are many ways to prepare Corn on the Cob, but none are unique to Clevelanders. 

Apple Pie 

Nothing says the 4th of July in Cleveland quite like Apple Pie. Well, maybe fireworks, but at least Apple Pie is as much an Independence Day tradition as fireworks.       

The phrase “As American as Apple Pie” should communicate how important this dish is to our country’s culture.   

It was said to have been adapted by early colonists seeking a distinctive identity. Now, it is a beloved desert, is part of pop culture, and has a day named after it.  

A flaky, buttery crust filled with spiced apples…um. Add some ice cream on top, sit down to enjoy some 4th of July fireworks, and have the perfect Independence Day evening.   

Cleveland is About Community 

Cleveland on the 4th of July is a celebration of community. The weather is near perfect, the best restaurants in Cleveland work overtime, and Clevelanders are generous people invested in the people and relationships in their neighborhoods.   

It’s the perfect place and time to have an outdoor BBQ party. And if you’re looking to make this year’s Independence Day unique, you can get a personal chef in Cleveland with a few clicks on CookinGenie.  

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