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Feb 15, 2024


The Ultimate Guide to Must-Try Restaurants in Miami

Once synonymous with pulsating nightlife and sandy beaches, Miami has quietly transformed into a haven for culinary connoisseurs. Beyond the glitzy veneer, there is a diverse and flourishing chain of restaurants in Miami, offering a palatial spread of flavors that beckon the adventurous foodie. Join us on a gastronomic journey through the Magic City, where we explore the crème de la crème of Miami’s culinary landscape.

Boia De

Tucked on the edge of Buena Vista, Boia De is a culinary gem that defies its diminutive size. This Italian eatery unfolds like a perfect album, each dish a musical note in a symphony of flavors. You get a terrific, chopped salad and tagliolini nero here, tantalizing the taste buds. To secure your spot, set a noon timer when reservations go live or opt for the charm of walk-in bar seating—the best seat in the house.


If your days of clubbing have waned, Ariete beckons with classic Miami indulgence in an upscale setting. The pièce de résistance? The rumor a la presse, where a medieval-looking duck press transforms various duck parts into a sauce, smothering the most delectable duck you’ll ever taste. This feast for two, complete with flaky duck pastelitos, ensures an unforgettable dining experience.


Step into Carbone, a glamorous throwback to old-school dining, where Murano sconces and contemporary artwork converge. The oversized half-fold menu unfolds a tale of classic Italian-American fare presented with over-the-top flair. Captains, not mere servers, navigate the expansive dining space, evoking the warmth of Nonna’s Sunday evening dinners—Carbone—where grandeur meets familiarity.


In South Beach’s heart, Macchialina promises impeccable Italian dishes and an experience that transcends the ordinary. The ever-changing menu ensures a delightful surprise, while the dim, energetic dining room sets the stage for savoring Miami’s best pasta on a Saturday night.

Krüs Kitchen

Krüs Kitchen, a culinary haven accessed via a spiral staircase, offers an unparalleled sensory experience. A crudo so beautiful it’s almost intimidating, an atmosphere radiating date-night charm, and glass block windows transforming the restaurant into a flickering candle during sunset—all elements that make Krüs a rarity in Miami’s culinary landscape.


Nestled within the Rubell Museum, Leku unfolds as one of the modern Basque restaurants in Miami, where servers delve into the intricacies of the region’s cuisine. The menu, a whirlwind tour of Spain, features dishes like Iberico 5 Jotas tartare and Arroz de Setas a la Brasa, cooked in a charcoal oven. Leku, an ode to Basque culinary artistry, is reserved for special occasions.

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Los Felix

Directly beneath Krüs, Los Félix emerges as its vivacious sibling, pulsating with dinner-party energy. The Mexican-inspired menu, showcasing freshly milled masa, ensures a delightful dining experience. With rotating dishes, vinyl-spinning DJ sets, and an atmosphere that feels like a perpetual celebration, Los Félix, as one of the most happening restaurants in Miami, is where the heart of Miami’s culinary revelry resides.


Maty’s, the sister restaurant to Itamae, stands in a class of its own within Midtown Miami. The familiar Peruvian dishes transform with Maty’s introduction of oxtail saltado—a culinary spectacle that reshapes perceptions of traditional Peruvian cuisine. The dishes here redefine the very essence of Peruvian flavors.


Chef Rainer Becker’s renowned izakaya, Zuma, unveils its Miami iteration, serving sleek and modern Japanese small plates. The celebrity-filled room excites patrons as they savor Suzuki no sashimi and roasted lobster with shiso-ponzu butter—Zuma, where bold flavors and a 350-plus bottle wine list elevate the dining experience to unparalleled heights.

Madroño Restaurant

In the heart of Sweetwater, Madroño emerges as a beacon of Nicaraguan culinary excellence. The menu, a collection of classics done to perfection, showcases the meticulous attention to detail in every dish. While fritangas remain a Miami staple, Madroño’s meltingly tender carne asada redefines the Nicaraguan dining experience.


Rosie’s, a haven for brunch enthusiasts, redefines the Southern American menu with a touch of culinary magic. Fried chicken, waffles, biscuits, crispy fish, and grits take center stage. The twist? Each dish surpasses expectations, inviting patrons to return and relish an experience that defies the monotony of traditional brunch fare.


Hiden, an exclusive eight-seat fine-dining experience shrouded in mystery, invites patrons on a gastronomic adventure. A unique code, a steel door hidden within a taco restaurant, and master sushi chefs crafting a menu that embraces the ebb and flow of an evening-long dinner. Hiden, where the mastery of sushi becomes a lesson in culinary artistry.

Sanguich De Miami

Enter Sanguich de Miami, the place where Cuban sandwiches achieve iconic status. From the crunchy bread to the homemade pickles and the perfect balance of mustard, every element is a testament to culinary craftsmanship. Beyond the Cubano, Sanguich de Miami introduces mash-up sandwiches like the self-titled masterpiece—a delightful fusion of a BLT, turkey, and Cuban sandwich.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is a culinary maestro’s masterpiece, presenting innovative French-style cuisine in an atmosphere of refined elegance. Every element showcases culinary excellence, from the crispy duck sourced from a specialized Long Island farm to the meticulously crafted dishes. Diners, serious about their gastronomic journey, find not just a meal but a profound connection with each dish.

NIU Kitchen

Once changing the pandemic, NIU Kitchen remains a Catalan spot serving delectable dishes. Here, you get to try the cold tomato soup with mustard ice cream, which sets the stage for a lazy meal filled with seafood, jamón, and charbroiled oysters. Within arm’s reach of wine, patrons indulge in a culinary journey that captures the essence of Catalonia.

Quinto La Huella

From Uruguay’s renowned Parador La Huella to the heart of Brickell, Quinto La Huella brings fire-cooked magic to Miami. The menu, balancing meat and seafood, captivates diners, with the 14-ounce grass-fed rib eye earning iconic status. Quinto La Huella, a testament to the enduring allure of Uruguayan cuisine, beckons patrons willing to embark on a culinary pilgrimage.

Paradis Books & Bread

Paradis Books & Bread, nestled in North Miami, unveils a delightful bait-and-switch—transcending from a wine bar to a culinary haven. Tinned fish atop fresh bread and seasonal dishes that beckon further exploration make this spot a remarkable convergence of various culinary delights. With a wine bar, bakery, restaurant, and library—Paradis is a charming multifaceted oasis for friends to gather and revel in culinary wonders.

Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun, a realm of outstanding pasta, oysters, and a vibrant atmosphere promises an unconditionally good time. The small team of extroverts ensures that every moment is exciting and every glass is full. Whether indulging in a cold martini or savoring delectable dishes, Jaguar Sun invites patrons to forget the day’s woes and revel in a culinary escapade.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab, one of the best restaurants in Miami, has been standing the test of time for over a century and represents more than great marketing—it’s an institution. With stone crab season from mid-October to mid-May, patrons get a seasonal feast. Amid the wait and the buzz, the stone crab steals the show, leaving room for a bite of Joe’s almost-as-famous Key lime pie.

Stubborn Seed

Chef Jeremy Ford’s culinary artistry unfolds at Stubborn Seed, where each dish is a masterpiece in taste and presentation. Every dish is a journey of flavors from the truffle braves, a modern spin on a Spanish classic, to the sublime mango cheesecake. Though a splurge at $150, the tasting menu promises an immersive experience, showcasing the full extent of Ford and his team’s culinary prowess.

Clive’s Cafe

In the heart of Little Haiti, Clive’s Cafe emerges as the epitome of Jamaican culinary excellence. From jerk chicken to curry goat, each dish is a symphony of flavors, with the choice of oxtail, ackee, saltfish, and conch providing a delightful dilemma. Whether for takeout or dining in, a forkful of Clive’s mac and cheese, plantain, and jerk chicken is the quintessential bite in Miami’s culinary mosaic.

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Closing the Menu

Embark on this culinary odyssey through Miami, where each restaurant unfolds a unique chapter in the city’s diverse gastronomic narrative. From intimate hideaways to glamorous throwbacks, the Magic City’s dining scene invites you to savor every moment, elevating your culinary journey to unparalleled heights.

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