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Mar 22, 2024


Where to Eat and Drink in Cincinnati?

A lot of ethnicity is part and parcel of Cincinnati’s history, and the food life could not be more versatile and colorful. Apart from the most famous chili, where the offering is more varied than in any other place, the palette seems to wait for the guest with other flavors.

There is a story behind every place, ranging from old-timey bars to newfangled and exciting restaurants that you most likely have never heard of, and we have scoured the internet to make you land on each one of them.

Get ready for an exciting journey because this blog will provide the best drinks and food in Cincinnati, Ohio, destinations guaranteed to delight your palate and leave you craving more.

Arnold’s Bar & Grill

Whispers of proud history echo from every corner of Arnold’s. Walk through the door of this Cincinnati institution and be transported back to 1861 when the Arnold family first threw open those doors.

Sit in the cozy dining room, once the Arnolds’ apartment, and enjoy the homey Italian-American classics—spaghetti and meatballs or their world-famous “Blueberry Chicken,” a most unusual and tempting union of flavors that has become what Cincinnati is known for.

From the worn creak of the floorboards to the quirky décor down to the last detail, you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

And a visit is certainly not complete without a moment at Arnold’s, tasting the boozy Kentucky Beer Cheese they pair with a warm, soft pretzel. But Arnolds is not only about drinks and food; it is an ambient place where locals celebrate.

Northside Yacht Club

Situated in the heart of the buoyant Northside neighborhood, Northside Yacht Club epitomizes subtropical flair. The walls are tattooed up, with punk rockers all around, serving cocktails in Tiki glasses with a tropical feel, a nice break from the regular go-around.

The food in Cincinnati, Ohio, served by Northside Yacht Club, will surely delight your taste buds with offerings such as poutine and wings to house-smoked, duck-fat gravy, lentil chili fries, and even vegan options.

But inside is where the true treasure lies: its live music scene. Local groups and nation-touring acts fill evenings with rhythm and riffs. So, raise your glass, nod your feet, and let the great tunes sweep you away in a sea of happiness.

Palm Court

Entering the historically used Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza halls, one would find the Palm Court—all the effervescence of La Belle Époque. French Art Deco architectural design and ornate frescoes throughout this dining oasis set a charm that will enchant any visitor.

But that’s just the showy façade that belz the flashiness within. It’s where the chefs let their commitment to local purveyors shine in every offering, from the buttery winter squash purée to tender New Zealand venison.

For dessert, though, let the art of their dessert station grace your table: a slice of sweet-and-spicy cardamom Basque cake set beside a quenelle of Ohio sweet corn ice cream, and all will be dancing on your tongue. Then, retreat to the hotel bar for a classic Old Fashioned and toast to the timeless allure of Palm Court.

Wodka Bar

Embark on a journey to Eastern Europe without leaving Cincinnati at Wódka Bar. The bar is a connoisseur haven for new-world sippers to showcase over 60 vodkas, some hard-to-find from Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine.

Sip your vodka with a seductive selection of regional-flavored light bites, from pickles to pierogies, and celebrate the culinary traditions of a large part of Eastern Europe.

But behind the drinks and food in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wódka Bar was a venue that brought together cultures and told stories. Whether swapping stories with other patrons or toasting some far-off motherland, each visit to Wódka Bar celebrated something diverse with a heaping helping of camaraderie.

Knockback Njson Nats

The party starts early at breakfast in Cincinnati and runs well into the night when you’re at Knockback Njson Nats. Pop in at happy hours for cold beers, smoked wings, and juicy burgers at prices you will not find elsewhere.

But the real draw at Knockback Nats is the fun atmosphere and great menu: challenge your friends to darts or video bowling battles while munching on nachos and chicken tenders, or go big with the legendary Knockback Burger.

From the first time the door to Knockback Nats opened, it was more than just a bar. It soon becomes a local favorite gathering spot for everyone, ranging from regulars who have been coming for years to someone who recently moved into town and is trying to make friends. And sure enough, whoever may be the regular or the novice, there is no foreign place among the laughs and good companionship at Knockback Nats.


At his Over-the-Rhine butcher shop, Chef Jose Salazar continues the tradition of quality, honoring family food in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the culinary vision passed down for generations. A step through the doors is part of a family reunion: the marble bars, the Moorish tile floors—it’s all there.

But it’s Chef Salazar’s unwavering commitment to hyper-local produce that’s genuinely putting Salazar over the top. Every dish was an example of great taste and technique, from the simple celery root creamy soup to tangy hanky-panky.

So, pull up a chair and sample your way into the symphony of flavors that roil you straight into the mouth of gastronomic paradise.

United Dairy Farmers For Cincinnatians

United Dairy Farmers has evoked the summertime experience of a lifetime generation. From classic cones to indulgent sundaes, United Dairy Farmers’ homemade ice cream has come to mark the timeless treat.

But the chocolate malt at UDF gives the feels—a frosty concoction that’s equal parts creamy and crave-worthy. Sip slowly, savor every gulp, and let the nostalgia roll in like a big, free-spending wave of indulgence.

Whether you’re a little kid or young at heart, visiting United Dairy Farmers will surely bring a smile to your face. Bring the loved ones, and be ready in line for Cincinnati food favorites that will make memories lasting long after the ice cream is gone.

AC Hotel Cincinnati at The Banks

Situated on the rooftop of the AC Hotel at The Banks is the riverside RiversMeet. Lounge under string lights, soak in the ambiance, and let the hustle and bustle of the city fade away. The views are dazzling at The Upper Deck, and the tapas menu is just as delightful.

From sliders to charcuterie, every item on this menu puts perfection to a symphony of taste and texture with a fresh cocktail or glass of wine.

Perfect for that special night or quiet time, the AC Hotel at the Banks caters to your sanctuary for unwinding and indulging in the finer things in life.

Fine Dining at Your Home

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Bite and Sip

Cincinnati’s dining scene offers a bountiful feast for the senses and a community celebration where tradition blends with a healthy side of creativity.

From historic bars to innovative eateries, each establishment tells a story of passion, perseverance, and pride. So, residents or weekend visitors now is your chance to take a “bite” out of Queen City and see why Cincinnati food favorites are truly a treasure.

Sabah Drabu

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Sabah Drabu is a foodie, engineer, and the Co-founder & CEO of CookinGenie. She created the platform in 2019 to connect local chefs with at-home diners, making hiring personal chefs more accessible. Sabah's idea has evolved into a service people use for parties, vacation rentals, and family gatherings.

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