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Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Orlando?

Orlando is a mecca for theme parks and fun activities. But did you know it also has it all for foodies too? From quick bites to never-ending course meals, Orlando sure knows how to keep the tummies of locals and visitors happy.

The food scene has seen a significant growth in the number of people going vegan. The growth is so exponential that, according to Global Market Research Company Ipsos, over 9.7 million Americans are currently vegans.

Orlando is staying on top to fulfill the culinary needs of this population with various vegan restaurants. This blog post will make it easier to navigate and find some if you’re all green in your diet.

Join us as we explore the best spots to have vegan food in Orlando.

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Winter Park Biscuit Company

Winter Park Biscuit Company is another must-visit spot in Orlando on a vegan food rendition. If you want to convert a meat eater into a vegan, you should make them try their biscuit and gravy. These biscuits are made with organic flour, savory vegan sausage patties, and possibly the best Orlando food.

The menu offers a variety of tasty options, including sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, waffles, salads, and tenders.

One of the highlights of Winter Park Biscuit Company is its vegan cheese. It melts and tastes like the real thing (the milk cheese). This eatery also offers an impressive selection of vegan cakes, cookies, and pies, perfect for rounding off a meal.

Market on South

The Market on South will give you a gourmet vegan dining experience. This place is so vegan that even the beverages served here pass the green check. This spot has two vegan eateries, Dixie Dharma Southern Kitchen and Valhalla Bakery, that serve the best Orlando foods.

Dixie Dharma is the main dining area at Market on South. At this place, the menu is inspired by Southern vegan comfort foods.

People at Dixie mark certain dishes as special, such as Carolina BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, Brew Burger, and Florida Fried Green Tomato. Their mac n’ cheese, available in original, garlic, and buffalo flavors, is a must-try.

For vegan desserts, visit Valhalla Bakery. Here, you can enjoy cookies, pastries, and artisanal bread, with special vegan cakes available for celebrations.

Veggie Garden

Your hunt for vegan food in Orlando will come to a stop at Veggie Garden Restaurant. The small, intimate space is perfect for a quick bite or takeout, and the menu caters to both vegans and vegetarians with dedicated sections. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable.

Here, you’ll enjoy mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes made entirely from fresh vegetables. Even while focusing on one cuisine, the Veggie Garden menu is extensive.

It features a variety of plates and bowls brimming with ingredients like rice noodles, cucumbers, sweet peppers, lettuce, basil leaves, pickled carrots and daikon, roasted peanuts, and mixed soy sauce.  Their signature soup broth, made from refreshing vegetables and fruits, is a highlight on the menu.

Loving Hut

Anything can happen in Orlando, and the Loving Hut proves it by serving vegan food in Orlando with an Asian flare. If your tummy is hungry for a hearty meal, the Loving Hut offers everything from starters, soups and entrees, salads, main entrees, and desserts.

This place also serves quinoa dishes, rice and noodles entrees, and noodles.

In addition to offering the best Orlando food, Loving Hut also serves great drinks and beverages. They make one thing very clear- you’ll find anything you’re craving at this eatery.

You should also try their tofu noodle stir fry, Quinoa salad, Heavenly rice—CẢI XÀO, and vegan bacon sandwich. One bite into these, and you’ll already decide to order a second serving.

Some must-try foods in Orlando are fried crispy rolls, Fabulous Pho (rice noodles, tofu, textured vegetable protein, onion, cilantro, Thai basil), Canh Chua: Special Sweet and Sour Soup, Heavenly Salad, and mushroom and bean sprouts.

If these foods make you thirsty, you can sip guilt-free drinks like Virgil’s root beer float, soy or almond milk, and taro delight.

Kres Chophouse

Before you give up your hopes of reading a steakhouse making this list, let us tell you—Kres Chophouse has a dedicated menu for vegan food in Orlando. The vegan food from this staple receives rave reviews from anyone who visits it.

Prix fix-style, available for $49, comes with a three-course menu or a la carte. This menu gives the steakhouse classics an interesting vegan spin. You’ll get to eat oysters “Rockefeller,” beef Wellington, and vegan portobello escargot, all in a vegan version.

On Saturdays, you’ll also enjoy additional limited-time specials.

The best Orlando food they serve here in Saturday editions is always different from last week. The Kres Chophouse is perfect for meat lovers and friends who have gone vegan.

The Vegan Hot Dog Cart

The Vegan Hot Dog Card is near the Orange County Regional History Center and Heritage Square Park. This small cart is famous for its vegan hot dogs, sausages, and burgers.

You might wonder how hot dogs and sausages can be vegan food in Orlando. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart makes its meat with 100 plant-based ingredients.

You can choose from many different styles of hot dogs, but what makes this pint-size cart stand out among the best restaurants is that you can get your favorite toppings from its condiment bar.

This facility means that you have the liberty to make your hot dog right from scratch. Now imagine how much the kids are going to love it.

Their famous Chili Dog, Olde Reliable Dog, El Boricua, and the Drunk Dog are some foods to try in Orlando.


Orlando’s food scene is as exciting as its theme parks, especially for those who love plant-based meals. The city’s vegan options are diverse and delicious, ensuring every meal is enjoyable.

Next time you’re in Orlando, explore the city’s vegan cuisine for a memorable dining experience. From cozy cafes to gourmet restaurants, there is a popular food in Orlando for everyone.

Sabah Drabu

Co-Founder & CEO

Sabah Drabu is a foodie, engineer, and the Co-founder & CEO of CookinGenie. She created the platform in 2019 to connect local chefs with at-home diners, making hiring personal chefs more accessible. Sabah's idea has evolved into a service people use for parties, vacation rentals, and family gatherings.

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