A Checklist for a Bachelorette Party in Orlando

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Jul 04, 2024


A Checklist for a Bachelorette Party in Orlando

Ready to throw the bachelorette bash of the century in sunny Orlando? Of course you are! This is the moment you’ve been waiting since your BFF popped the big question: ‘Will you be my maid of honor?’

We know you’ve got the excitement, and now we’ve got the ultimate checklist to ensure this party is legendary. From guest lists to glittery themes, we have all the tips to make your planning smooth and your celebration epic. Let’s get this Orlando bachelorette party started!

Finalize the Guest List

Planning the bachelorette party should start with the guest list because this list is where it all begins. Who should be on this exclusive list? Obviously, the maid of honor (that’s you, superstar!), the bridesmaids, and those close friends who are practically family.

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But here’s the golden rule: get the bride’s stamp of approval on the list before you send out any invites. This is her special bash, and you want to make sure every guest is someone she’s thrilled to have there. Plus, they shouldn’t be at the Orlando bachelorette party if they’re not invited to the wedding. Let’s keep it drama-free and fabulous!

Set a Budget

We all know that planning a bachelorette party can add up quickly, so let’s get ahead of the game. Your next move should be discussing the budget. The easiest way to do this? A quick and simple survey. Make a Google form and share it with all the ladies on the guest list.

Ask questions like, ‘What’s your maximum budget for the Orlando bachelorette party? and ‘Are you willing to spend on travel and accommodations?’ This will give you a clear picture of what everyone can afford and how much they want to chip in.

Consider that everyone’s financial situation is different—some might be saving for the wedding itself, while others might be budgeting for dresses, beauty treatments, and gifts.

Once you have everyone’s input, you can start crafting a budget that works for the whole crew. Your goal should be to find a medium where everyone feels comfortable and excited.

Select a Date

Selecting the date is one of the big decisions for the bachelorette bash. The date should be someday when the bride isn’t too stressed with last-minute wedding details but not so early that the excitement fizzles out.

You can get a window between two months and two weeks before the big day. A great Orlando bachelorette party will fit perfectly in a long weekend. Plan something between Thursday and Sunday or Friday and Monday.

This plan will give you enough time to relax, party, and recover without anyone having to take too much time off work.

Tip: Make sure the bachelorette weekend doesn’t overlap with other wedding events, such as bridal showers or final dress fittings.

Pick a Location

If your bride doesn’t already have an ‘Oh, let’s go here’ spot picked, it’s your duty to put on the thinking cap. Orlando could be a perfect place to plan a bachelorette bash.

It is sunny all year round. But if you’re not a fan of melting under the sun, you might want to avoid the peak summer months. Spring and fall seasons will be great if you’re thinking of pool parties and theme park hopping.

The best thing about choosing Orlando as your bachelorette destination is that it can cater to all budgets. Other things you must consider while picking are the bride’s preferences and the activities you’ll do.

Also, know that when you plan a destination bachelorette, most of your budget goes into airplane tickets. Planning a local party is easier on the wallet. But whatever the budget and bride allow, right?

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Book Lodging and Travel

Getting this step right can make or break your weekend getaway. Book the flight tickets and lodgings ASAP. Booking your spots earlier will give you a chance to get better deals and options. Your squad would hate to be stuck on a red-eye flight or in a dingy hotel because you waited too long.

Your planning will only improve if you coordinate everyone’s travel details. You can do this by starting a group chat or email thread to keep everyone in the loop about flight times and prices. While at it, try to create a plan for everyone to arrive around the same time.

If you’re all flying from different cities, try to pick flights that land within an hour of each other.

The best you can do for the Orlando bachelorette party is to ditch the idea of booking multiple hotel rooms and book an Airbnb or VRBO rental instead.

These options are perfect for group stays – more space, more privacy, and often, more bang for your buck. Staying in one place together means the entire gang can hang out together and have unlimited fun.

Before you hit that ‘book now’ button, read the reviews. Ensure you know the rental’s cleanliness, host responsiveness, and hidden fees.

Choose a Theme

This part of the party is where you can let your creativity shine and tailor the party to match the bride’s statement. The theme has to be SPOT-ON!

Start by determining which Orlando bachelorette party ideas will make your bride-to-be tick. Is she a gala girl or a not-so-secret Swiftie?

Will she love a spa day or a wild night that forces you to recall memories the next day? Whatever her jam, you must string the right chords.

So, chat with your bride, get her input, and then go all out to make her bachelorette party a true reflection of her style and personality.

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Order Decorations

The decoration has everything to do with transforming a get-together into a full-on bash. The right elements that go with the theme will set the vibe, making everything feel festive, fabulous, and Insta-worthy.

So, to ensure that your party looks good, order decorations before the party. If you’re renting a place, contact the host to see if they can help you with decorations before arriving. If not, distract the bride with a quick errand while you transform the space.

Expert Planner Tip: Bring essentials like tape, scissors, and command hooks so as not to tear your hair while trying to hang things up.

Plan Some Games

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Games? Really?’ But a few games up your sleeve is a game-changer (pun intended). Games add an extra fun layer to the downtime and also help break the ice if some mutuals are meeting for the first time.

Meal Plan

Have you ever heard of a party without food? Well, neither have I, and neither should you host one. You don’t want to run around hungry or scrambling for food at the last minute. A little prep work goes a long way in keeping the vibe fun and stress-free.

We’ve been giving you the best options for planning the bachelorette party. You’ve got to trust us when we say hiring a private chef in Orlando from CookinGenie to take care of the meal plans is best.

No more arguing over takeout options or waiting for a delivery that takes forever. A personal chef will give customized menus catering to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs.

The plus point is that you won’t have to lift even one finger to do a food-related task. A CookinGenie chef will buy the groceries, cook delicious food, and clean the kitchen afterward.

Confirm and Share the Itinerary

This is the stage where you iron out all those final details. Create an itinerary that lays out every glorious detail of the weekend. The best you can do is break the Orlando bachelorette party ideas hour by hour, if necessary. In this breakdown, mention all the details, like brunch spots, beach time, nightlife adventures, spa sessions, and other shenanigans.

Make sure everyone knows the hotel or rental home address. Remember to include transportation details, too.


There you have it, folks! Your ultimate checklist for planning an unforgettable Orlando bachelorette party. With this guide in hand, you’re all set to throw a bash that the bride and all her besties will be talking about for years to come.

So go ahead, pop the bubbly, and let the good times roll. Here’s to a fabulous weekend of laughs, love, and lifelong memories. Cheers to the bride-to-be!

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