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Jul 03, 2024


A Cincinnati Restaurant Guide You Need to Save

When you hear anything about Cincinnati, your mouth probably waters thinking about chili, southern comfort food, beer, and bourbon. Sure, those are the most popular things about Cincinnati, but there is so much more to it.

Here are some of the Cincinnati famous restaurants and Northern Kentucky that foodies must check out. Trust us; your stomach will thank you later!

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I have never met someone who hates pizza, and for someone who does, one slice of Detroit-style pizza at Taglio will transform their taste buds. This pizza place has set new standards for making pizza and has become a local favorite.

What’s different about their pizza? The crust- is buttery, crunchy, and unlike anything else you’ll find in Cincinnati. The caramelized cheese around the edges changes the pizza game with a subtle flavor explosion.

I highly recommend trying the pepperoni and hot honey pizza. The combination of spicy pepperoni with a drizzle of sweet, sticky honey is pure magic.

Taglio serves pizza lovers at three locations: Columbia-Tusculum, Over-the-Rhine, and Montgomery. These locations ensure that no matter where you are in Cincinnati, a great pizza is never too far from you.

Bridges Nepali Cuisine

Bridges Nepali Cuisine when the owner, Ashak Chipalu, came to the US to study nursing but couldn’t get over the flavors of his homeland, Nepal. With a background in the restaurant industry from his family back in Nepal, Ashak decided to bring Nepali cuisine to Cincinnati.

He started small as a vendor at Findlay Market, and now, Bridges has grown to include locations in the northside and downtown areas. Bridges aims to introduce a completely different Nepali cuisine by combining popular dishes like momos with creative bowl options.

These options include basmati or brown rice mixed with lentils or yellow peas and topped with hakku chuala (grilled chicken), pork chili, or aloo jhol (a bamboo curry with potatoes and black-eyed peas). You can enjoy their menu while dining in. Their outdoor courtyard is just perfect, even for the winters when it’s heated to beat the chill.

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Sichuan Bistro

Located in an unassuming strip mall on Mason-Montgomery Road, Sichuan Bistro is the kind of Cincinnati famous restaurants that will make you want to tell the whole world about.

You might not even be able to spot this place at first, but once you settle in, your taste palette will surely find its place. What makes Sichuan Bistro climb on this list is its menu—well, menus. They have not one but two menus, one for the traditional menu with familiar dishes and the other for their authentic menu that serves the original flavors of Sichuan cooking.

If you’re unsure where to start, go for the Kung Pao chicken. Other must-try dishes are the Twice Cooked Pork and Dry Red Chili Chicken.  A little word of caution, though: when Sichuan Bistro says a dish is spicy, they mean it! But this Cincinnati-famous restaurant balances the heat by cooking the dishes with the famous Sichuan peppercorn, which gives a tingly-numb sensation.

Camp Washington Chili

I couldn’t really sum up a blog that talks about the best Cincinnati food without talking about chili. This chili parlor has served Cincinnati’s signature dish in its best version to locals and tourists.

Do not dare to assume that Cincinnati chili is the typical chili. This city’s version an all-meat concoction with hints of cinnamon and clove that give it a distinct flavor. Unlike the thicker, chunkier Tex-Mex versions, Cincinnati chili is thinner and is the star of layering. And that’s precisely how you’ll find it served at Camp Washington Chili.

The classic and best way to enjoy this delicacy is to spread it over spaghetti topped with shredded cheddar cheese. This combination is popularly known as the ‘three-way.’

Now, why am I suggesting Camp Washington Chili for Cincinnati Chili?

Here, they make a slightly thicker and spicier blend. And if chili has never appealed to you, you can visit this one of the most famous Cincinnati restaurants to savor a variety of diner classics. Some other must-try dishes are omelets and double-decker sandwiches.

To save you time, you can also access their 24-hour open drive-thru any day from Monday to Saturday.


Sotto is located underground on 6th Street downtown. It would be helpful if you visited this place to dine in an ambiance distant from Cincinnati’s hustle and bustle. The dim lighting and cozy atmosphere complement any occasion for dining.

Apart from the great vibe, Sotto also delivers far beyond what you’d expect from Cincinnati famous restaurants. Begin your orders with goat cheese and hazelnut honey. You can’t go wrong with the cappellacci short-rib pasta for the main course.

And whatever else you order, make sure to save room for dessert. I suggest you try the ricotta doughnuts, served with a trio of rotating sauces.

Expert tip: Find a chair at the Chef’s table. You’ll get a front-row seat to all the kitchen action and free bread for the table.

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Sacred Beast

Sacred Beast opened in mid-2018 and not a minute has passed by since it wasn’t loved by foodies in Cincinnati. This restaurant runs with the sologan of ‘Simple Food, Taken Seriously.’

The highlight of this restaurant is its open kitchen. A seat at the bar gives you a front-row view of magic cooking in the kitchen. Visitors say that watching the chefs work with precision and care to cook delicious food is no less than a meditation session.

It might be hard for you to pick a dish from their menu, but the Diner Breakfast sure stands out. It will treat you with lemony ricotta pancakes and glazed pork belly. Their menu takes traditional diner fare to new heights. The Sacred Beast is one of the best breakfast restaurants in Cincinnati.

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In short, hiring a chef from CookinGenie combines the best parts of dining out with the comfort and convenience of staying in. It’s perfect for food lovers who want to enjoy gourmet meals in the most relaxed setting possible – their own home.

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