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How to Celebrate 4th of July in Columbus, Ohio?

Independence Day sparks differently on calendars and in hearts, too. Every American soul feels the happiness that blooms from the spirit of patriotism.

While the nation paints itself in red, blue, and white, Columbus holds the record for throwing the most epic celebrations.

Now, the question is, how do you make the most of these celebrations? This blog post answers that question. We will discuss all the ways and information you need to make your 4th of July in Columbus, Ohio, a super fun holiday. Let’s get started!

Where to Celebrate and What to Do?

Whenever a celebration comes up, we all find ourselves stuck on this question: ‘But what should we do?’ But you’re on the lucky side of the world if you’re in Columbus on the 4th of July because there are many things to do that will make your celebrations one for the books.

Red, White & BOOM!

You’ll betray yourself if you don’t attend the Red, White & Boom on the 4th of July and you’re in Columbus. The fireworks you’ll see here will be the most prominent display in Ohio, with a crowd from all over the state.

Think of the beauty of it—the fireworks will be shot above the Scioto River, and the water beneath will give a striking show with the fireworks’ reflection.

Bicentennial Park, Genoaa Park, and Main Street Bridge will give you the best views. Come early to secure your perfect seats and enjoy other things to do in Columbus, Ohio, like live music performances and food stalls.

Picnics and Outdoor Fun

If you enjoy being in nature, you’ll be delighted to know that Columbus has many parks and beautiful spaces for a Columbus 4th of July picnic. Goodale Park is one of the local favorites, famous for its history and serene ponds. If you want an option with the potential for games and a picnic spread, make a picnic basket with small treats and bring it along with a blanket to have a day of outdoor fun this 4th of July.

Local Parades and Festivities

There is no better day to enjoy festivities and parades in America than Columbus 4th of July. You can participate in this united spirit with the Upper Arlington Independence Day Parade community.

In this parade, you’ll see floats, marching bands, and local organizations amplifying the Independence Day festivities. Usually, the parade begins at 9 a.m. and walks the streets of Upper Arlington, where it ends with family-friendly festivities.

Another great option for a similar experience is the Bexley Parade and Evening Celebrations. This option is where you can participate in the parade in the morning and enjoy fireworks in the evening.

Tip: Check local listings for times and routes to ensure you can attend the festivities at the correct time.

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Hosting the Ultimate 4th of July Party

For some, a celebration means being around family and friends. If this is the case for you, too, you can host a Columbus 4th of July party to celebrate Independence Day.

Hosting a party comes with a lot of responsibilities. But with simple checks and steps, you can fulfill these duties in a fun way.

Games and Entertainment

What’s a party without games and entertainment? Organizing games is a great way to break the ice between people who’ve met for the first time and deepen the bond between people who already know each other. You can plan many games and activities for your celebrations, and we also have a few suggestions.

  • Cornhole Tournament
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • DIY Craft Station

Read more: Family Friendly Columbus Activities

Decorations and Ambiance

Decorations and ambiance are essential elements when hosting a party at home. Let’s see how you can give your Columbus 4th of July an element of patriotism blended with fun.

  • Red, White, and Blue Decor: Decorate with red, white, and blue. Use these colors to create the appearance of the American flag in your decorations.
    Experiment with colors on clothes, napkins, balloons, and banners. You can find many choices in patriotic decorations at your local party store or make them yourself.
  • American Flags: For your Independence Day festivals in Columbus, place small flags in flower pots, on tables, or as part of the centerpiece.
  • String Lights: Red, white, and blue string lights can add a festive glow to your party as the sun sets. Hang them around your backyard, patio, or trees to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Patriotic Music: Create a playlist featuring classic American tunes and patriotic songs to set the mood on the 4th of July in Columbus, Ohio. Great options include songs like “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen and “God Bless America” by Irving Berlin.


Planning a fireworks viewing on the 4th of July in Columbus, Ohio, is a great idea. However, for a safe and fun experience, it is better to follow the best fireworks practices.

  • Choose Legal Fireworks: Ensure the fireworks you purchase are legal in your area. Follow all local laws and regulations.
  • Designate a Launch Area: Set up a safe, open area for launching fireworks, away from buildings, trees, and any flammable materials. Make sure spectators are at a safe distance.
  • Have Safety Equipment Ready: If something goes awry, have a pail of water, a hose, and a fire extinguisher ready. Also, have a first aid kit on hand.
  • Follow Instructions: Read and follow all warnings and instructions for each fireworks display. Light fireworks one at a time, then move away quickly. Refrain from relighting a dud.
  • Supervise Children: Children should never be allowed to play with or ignite fireworks. Sparklers are popular for children but can get very hot and should be handled carefully.
  • Clean Up Properly: Once the show is over, clean away all the debris and douse any spent fireworks with water to avoid.

Enhancing Your Celebration with CookinGenie

There is no better way to celebrate this July 4th than at home with your loved ones. But a private chef in Columbus, Ohio, could make your celebration as good as possible. The personal chef can create a completely customized menu according to the dietary needs and favorite dishes of the people.

You just need to inform your chef of your requirements, and he will create a menu that ultimately reflects your wishes.

This service multiplies your celebration by giving you ample space to enjoy your day with friends and family without spending time boiling, frying, and plating dishes in the kitchen. Hiring a chef is the best way to have restaurant-like food in Columbus right in your home.

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