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Apr 12, 2024


Interesting Activities for Visitors in Lexington

Is Lexington your next destination, but you still need to figure out the stops for great activities in the city? This blog post will guide you to places and things that make Lexington one of the best places to visit.

We all know Lexington, Kentucky, as the world’s Horse Capital. However, only some are aware of the fact that the Bluegrass State is a haven of history and natural beauty, offering visitors many exciting activities.

This list of Lexington activities is way more than trying out the most talked-about food or strolling in a park. By the end of this guide, you’ll find it impossible to delay sitting on the plane to the Bluegrass State.

Entertainment at the Lexington Opera House

The Opera House is the perfect place to enjoy the talent of Lexington. This quaint place was restored from a fire to build a magnificent house of music that brings the visitors close and personal to the shows and performances.

There are hours for everything in the Lexington Opera House, be it ballet, opera, children’s productions, family shows, comedy, music, national Broadway tours, and other artistic activities in Lexington, KY.

Visit the Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Joseph-Beth Booksellers have everything a bibliophile could want in their store. This bookstore makes readers feel at home with their broad range of books on the best-sellers list. Located in the Lexington Green shopping center, Joseph-Beth Bookseller also conducts various activities such as author signings, wine tastings, customer appreciation days, book fairs, and more.

An expert tip to make the most of this bookstore’s offers is to check out their official website to know what events are up next on the calendar. If you’re visiting on a cold or rainy day, prepare for a book-exploring experience like no other.

Fun at Red Mile Gaming and Racing

Red Mile Gaming is where tradition meets fun. This gaming and racing center is the world’s second-oldest harness racing track and one of the hottest spots for an adrenaline rush.

Visitors here can enjoy live racing; they simulcast for 364 days a year. Apart from these Lexington activities, Red Mile Gaming and Racing also host exciting events. You’ll also get to witness 900 Instant Racing gaming terminals features.

Summit at Fritz Farm Shopping

Shopping and dining go hand in hand at the Summit, Fritz Farm. With over 60 shops and 20 Lexington, KY restaurants, this place is an excellent hit among visitors. You’ll find these shops at the street level, and the shopping and dining options include well-known chains like Starbucks, Apple, and Pottery Barn.

You’ll also explore the local Lexington flavors besides the established brands. 33 Staved and Honeywood are worth trying while on the Summit expedition.

Riding the Legacy Trail

Meandering through the legacy trail could be one of the best Lexington Activities for someone who appreciates nature at its finest. The Legacy Trail opened its gates in just 2010 but has lived up to its name ever since.

This multi-use path runs 12 miles north/south from Lexington and coils through Kentucky’s iconic horse farms and across serene green, rolling hills. If you ride a bicycle on this path, you’ll witness art installations and sculptures. The interpretive signs will brief you with a bit of local history.

What makes this exploration truly stress-free is that there are bike repair stations along the route, so you won’t have to worry about any mechanical issues.

The Festival of the Bluegrass

If you’re thinking about going to Lexington this summer, one of the best Lexington, KY, activities you can do is come during the Festival of the Bluegrass. It happens the first weekend of June yearly and has been going strong since 1974. You can find it at the Kentucky Horse Park campground. They’ve got all major bluegrass musicians playing there, even big names like Ricky Skaggs and Béla Fleck. And if you’ve got kids aged 6 to 18, there’s a special bluegrass music camp just for them the week before the festival starts.

Kentucky Horse Park

The Kentucky Horse Park is all a horse farm, a theme park, and the spot for the annual High Hope Steeplechase in one place. If you add visiting this place to your list of Lexington activities, you will learn about the history of horses and human relationships. This learning is given through the park’s four museums and numerous memorials and statues.

Kentucky Horse Park comes alive on specific days with demonstrations and presentations of the prize-winning horses.

Other activities include Horseback trail rides and pony rides, which visitors are known to enjoy. The experience becomes immaculate if you shelter in their campground. But if camping isn’t your thing, you can easily stay in any nearby hotel.

A Shopping Spree at the Fayette Mall

Shoppers can’t have enough shopping spots, and the Fayette Mall, Lexington, ensures that all of them are under one roof. This mall is located at the intersection of Nicholasville Road and Reynolds Road. Here, you can find over 170 retailers and great options to eat. Some brands you can find here are The Disney Store, H&M, Michael Kors, Sephora, and The Cheesecake Factory.

If you bring children, you can let them enjoy the children’s play area in Center Court while you can focus on shopping. This place is more convenient because several mobile device charging stations are also available.

Fun at the Jacobson Park

Jacobson Park is a family-friendly place where everyone can enjoy the great outdoors and kids’ activities in Lexington, KY. This park is spread across an area of 216 acres. You’ll find a reservoir, the Lakeside Golf Course, basketball and volleyball courts, a dog park, playgrounds, and more.

There are many other Lexington activities that you can enjoy at the Jacobson Park. People can rent kayaks or pedal boats if they wish to spend time out on the water. Around the reservoir are fishing docks where visitors can fish and make great memories. You can explore the park all day with so many things to do or come here as a midday break from other touring activities.

Private Dining with a CookinGenie Chef

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This blog post was a walk-through of Lexington, KY, activities for visitors. Lexington has a spot for everyone, no matter what their interest is. So, no matter if you love horses or books, Lexington has activities in every corner and nook.

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