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Our team of talented personal chefs in Washington, DC will delight your taste buds with various delectable dishes from around the globe. Whether you’re hosting friends or simply craving a delicious meal without the hassle, CookinGenie is your solution. Sit back, relax, and let us elevate your home dining experience.
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Explore on our website or app. Choose a personal chef in Washington and your preferred dishes .

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Select your menu from a diverse range of options. Add any special requests or let us know about allergies and dietary needs.

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Enjoy every bite of your freshly prepared feast. Sit back and relax as your Washington DC personal chef cleans up the kitchen, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

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Many people feel that personal chef service is a luxury that should only be used for special events. However, the pandemic has shown us that private dining doesn’t need to be a rare occasion. The surge of private dining events in the U.S. continues to grow, so it may be time for you to join the movement.

With CookinGenie, you can book personal chefs in Cleveland across the city.
Fresh-cooked meals are directly related to becoming your happiest and healthiest self. CookinGenie can help you get valuable time back in your day by providing delicious, nutritious meals for you and your family

Why Book a CookinGenie Personal Chef in Washington?

Indulge in exclusive culinary journeys curated by our private chefs with tailored menus and impeccable service – your ultimate haven for exceptional dining experiences.

The Unique CookinGenie Touch

Your meal, local artistry

Supports Local Talent
Each meal ordered supports and highlights the skills of local private chefs in Washington, giving them the recognition they deserve and enabling them to pursue their passion.
Healthy Eating Made Easy
Our personal chefs in the Washington, DC area know all about good nutrition. They can whip up meals that fit your diet perfectly. 
Convenience in a Click
If you don’t wish to cook or have a big dinner coming up, CookinGenie has your back. A Genie will take care of the cooking so you can focus on enjoying your meal and your time with loved ones.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions and find helpful information about our company, policies, and more.

Visit or our app, type in your Lexington address, pick out your favorite dishes, and set up when you want your genie to work their magic in the kitchen.

The duration of the chef’s service depends on the order. Usually, they will be there for at least 1.5 hours for a standard meal. During this time, the private chef in Washington, DC, cooks the dishes you selected and tidies up the kitchen afterward.
Nothing! Once you’ve booked a genie all you have to do is sit back and relax. The Genie will arrive at your scheduled date and time and will take care of everything – shopping, cleaning and cooking.
You can customize your dishes as per your preferences, our personal chef in Washington will make adjustments for your requests.