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How It Works

Enter your Location

Put your location into the location finder, and our website will highlight available chefs in your area.

Select your Genie

You choose the genie you want to cook for you. We offer a variety of chefs with different styles.

Select Meals

The chef you choose will buy the fresh ingredients needed to prepare the meal. Personalized options, including veganand plant-based customizations, are available.

Pick Date and Time

At the time and day you picked, your genie will arrive with the proper ingredients. They will make the dish in your kitchen, giving you time to hang out with family members, chat with friends, or check tasks off your task-list.

Enjoy your meal

Once the chef finishes preparing your meal, it’s time to eat! They will clean all pots, pans, and counters before leaving.

CookinGenie – Fresh Food and
Time Saving

Private chefs are not just for the wealthy and famous anymore. Our affordable services mean you can get excellent dishes without breaking the bank. And the time you save cooking and cleaning allows you to spend more time with loved ones and friends.

Our chefs are gifted tastemakers that can prepare cuisines from all over the globe. We know you lead a busy life, but you still want to have great-tasing, high-quality meals. CookinGenie can help you save precious time, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and enjoy exceptional food.

Get time back in your day. line-bottom_cookingenie
Eat better than you ever have.

Worldwide Cuisine Fresh From Your Kitchen

Learn how we prepare and serve wholesome, tastebud tickling food
just for you!

Benefits Of Hiring A Private

Preparing meals is a time-consuming process that includes shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Let our Genies take care of all of that, so you can have more time to spend with your family. As an added bonus, your family will love the food, too!

Get precious time back in your evening to spend with loved ones or catch up on chores. We know how hectic your life can be, so let us take some of the busyness out of it!

CookinGenie offers a multitude of options for meals. You can try dishes from across the globe from the conveniecen of your home.

Our genies are professionals who love what they do. It’s the reason we know you’ll love the meals and want them to keep coming back.

Many people struggle with buying groceries that weren’t on their list. Your chef only buys the exact ingredients they need for meals, so that nothing goes to waste.

Our chefs make meals that are not only delicious, but also very healthy.

What Customers are saying about Their CookingGenie Experience

What an exceptional experience! This service was recommended by a friend and it was easy, fast and so unbelievably good.


Tanya Henkel

It’s a wonderful, innovative idea and works perfect for families with busy schedules.



Wow! Cooking genie is such an awesome concept. We had a dinner party for 10 and everyone enjoyed everything immensely.


Lisa Leary

Wow, what a concept. I was visiting a friend in Ohio and ended up experiencing cookingenie. Excellent experience.


Rafel Kurmer

What Makes CookinGenie Unique?

Supports Fresh

Our Genies have a solid understanding of nutrition and how to cook great-tasting food while adhering to your dietary guidelines

Supports Consistent

Private chefs are typically not just for one-time events, so they help you maintain a consistent diet. This can be especially useful if you want to eat better over a longer period of time.

Allows you to Spend More Time
with Family and Friends

The combination of high-quality ingredients and a skilled chef means you get exceptional meals without having to lift a finger. You can use the time you spend shopping, cooking, and cleaning enjoying the company of your family and friends!

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Private Chef Services Include:

  • Large Variety of Options for Your Meals
  • Fresh Ingredients with Flavorful Herbs and Spices
  • Grocery Shopping
  • In-Home Meal Preparation
  • Kitchen Cleanup

Private Chef Services Include:

  • Large Variety of Options for Your Meals
  • Fresh Ingredients with Flavorful Herbs and Spices
  • Grocery Shopping
  • In-Home Meal Preparation
  • Kitchen Cleanup

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we can make meals that cater to dietary restrictions and allergies

Absolutely. Go to to purchase the gift card.

Yes, we do a thorough background check on all our Genies.

We offer generous, family-friendly portion sizes for 4 or 8 people.

Yes, you can get healthy meals cooked in your own kitchen by skilled chefs. In terms of affordability, CookinGenie is on par with takeout, cheaper than frozen meal delivery, and just a hair more than most meal kits. But that small difference is well worth it when you consider the superior food and convenience of not having to cook yourself.