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Feb 29, 2024


5 Dishes for a Mother’s Day Surprise Brunch in Cincinnati

For many, Mother’s Day might blend into the calendar as any other day. Yet, for those waiting for the perfect moment to express their deepest emotions, Mother’s Day emerges as an ideal chance.

Moms are real-life superheroes; they do so much and deserve way more than just one day of cheers and thank-yous.

There’s this saying by Cynthia Ozick that goes, “We often overlook the very things we should be most thankful for,” highlighting a truth we shouldn’t ignore.

Missing the chance to make your dearest mother feel loved on this special occasion is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

With Mother’s Day 2024 right here, on May 12th, your head must be spinning with thoughts and ideas on how to surprise your mom and honor her love and efforts. While words of respect and appreciation for her are invaluable, verbal expressions might fall short of conveying how much she means to you.

So, why not do something different and creative to show your appreciation to her? You could cook her a really yummy and special brunch. It’s a heartfelt way of spending quality time together and showing your affection through your actions.

We have these five delicious dishes from Cincinnati to help you prepare a perfect Mother’s Day brunch. These dishes will be excellent for your Mother’s Day brunch in Cincinnati 2024. Each dish promises to add a touch of Cincinnati’s culinary excellence to your celebration, making it an unforgettable experience for your mom.

Cincinnati Chili

If you’re vacationing in Cincinnati and want to try the local delicacies, Cincinnati Chili is a must. It is a flavorful beef sauce blending spices from the Mediterranean area. This sauce is unique and irresistible; it has an acquired taste. Once you try it, you’ll surely crave more and more.

There are several unique ways to have Chily. A combination of spaghetti, cheese, and chili might sound weird but its a heaven for the tastebuds. If you can’t imagine a meal without onions, try adding sliced red beans to make it more wholesome.

Mother’s Day brunch in Cincinnati is incomplete without Cincinnati Cili. A dish with a perfect blend of Chily and your mother’s favorite ingredients is an excellent way to start her day right.

Book a Chef


Take the beloved Cincinnati Goetta and give it a special twist for Mother’s Day. Start by slicing it nice and thin, then fry it until the edges are crispy and golden but still soft and juicy.

Serve these delicious slices with a bright, fresh salad full of mixed greens and herbs, all lightly covered in a tangy vinaigrette. Or, if you prefer, you can pair it with gently poached eggs and slices of warm, toasted artisanal bread.

This isn’t just any Goetta; it’s an extraordinary version just for Mom, mixing a beloved tradition with a bit of extra love and care to make her day unforgettable.

OTR Bagel

If you’re thinking about what to make for Mother’s Day brunch that is easy to make and equally tasty, why not try these famous OTR bagels.

Setting up a cool bagel bar at home, where everyone can pick their favorite spreads and toppings, is a fun way to surprise your mom and other family members. The bar can have all kinds of cream cheese, from regular to unique new flavors. Then, add things like tasty smoked salmon, little capers, fresh cucumber, juicy tomatoes, and crisp red onions to the mix. Do you wish to make this OTR Bagel bar even fancier? How about a little bowl of fish eggs or a sweet drizzle of honey with a hint of truffle?

These little additions will transform your brunch into an extraordinary meal—the perfect Mother’s Day brunch in Cincinnati is ready to surprise your mother. This Bagel bar will have the best food in Cincinnati, letting your mother and other family members make their brunch exactly how they like it.

Buckeye Pancakes

Is your mother a fan of pancakes? Does her every morning start with soft, sweet, and healthy pancakes? If yes, you have the best dish to add to the Mother’s Day brunch. Imagine a pancake that’s so soft and chocolaty! These are the Buckeye Pancakes for you. Having Buckeye Pancakes is like having your favorite candy, just sweetier, smoother, and flavorful!

These Cincinnati-style pancakes are inspired by buckeye candies—everyone’s favorite. These pancakes are super light and fluffy, topped with chocolate chips, fresh creamy, and peanut butter sauce. You can also sprinkle some mini buckeye candies to make these pancakes taste yummy.

This dish will become a new staple in her breakfast and, of course, her new favorite. You can even pair these pancakes with Cincinnati gift baskets with sauces, dips, sprinklers, and candies to add more flavors to your brunch. Isn’t this the sweetest way to start Mother’s Day?

Montgomery Inn Ribs

Everyone in Cincinnati is crazy for Montgomery Inn Ribs. These delicious ribs are a treat you can enjoy any time. The ribs are cooked slowly for hours, which makes the meat so tender that it falls off the bone effortlessly.

The sauce in which the ribs are cooked makes them stand out. This magical mix of sweetness and a slight tanginess gives the ribs an unforgettable taste. With a coating of brown sugar, a touch of vinegar, and some secret spices together, the flavor of these ribs is enhanced even more. And the best part? They turn any ordinary meal into something extraordinary.

So, if your mother loves spicy food and her meals are incomplete without meat, Montgomery Inn Ribs is the way to go. They’re an absolute godsend.


Cincinnati boasts many fantastic restaurants, but nothing compares to the comfort of a home-cooked meal made with love and care. However, it is also true that taking time out from your busy schedule to cook your mom her favorite dishes is a new challenge.

Worry not, as CookinGenie is here to take all your worries.

CookinGenie is a boon for everyone with tight schedules and packed routines. With its skilled chefs expert in making every simple day an occasion to remember, your Mother’s Day celebration will be all taken care of. When you hire a personal chef in Cincinnati from CookinGenie, you get assistance in menu preparation, ingredient shopping, pre-cooking setup, post-cooking clean-up, and table setup. You only have to tell the chefs your mother’s favorite dishes, and your surprise brunch is ready to be served hot and fresh.

Rachel Wolchin rightly said -“Call your mother. Tell her you love her. Remember, you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.

So, don’t miss this golden opportunity and let your darling mother know she means the world to you.

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