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The Top 4 Corporate Gift Basket Ideas in Cincinnati

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas in Cincinnati

It’s that time of the year again! It’s the time you plan and deliver gift boxes on behalf of your business. It’s not only a great way to show your thoughtfulness and stay top of mind but it’s also a great way to inspire some positive association with your brand.

When it comes to corporate gifting in Cincinnati, there’s definitely some names that come out ahead of the rest. The top of the lists for brands that specialize in corporate gift baskets are: The Best of Cincinnati, Inc., Cincy In A Box, Graeter’s, and Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine.

This blog post lists these four corporate gift basket specialists in Cincinnati, gives a short description on what makes them so great, and lists down points-to-note specific to each like price range, availability etc.

A Gift Card for a Personal Chef Experience

A quick note before continuing: Did you know you can gift a personal chef experience in Cincinnati? CookinGenie makes it possible.

You can buy CookinGenie gift cards for a set value and the person you gift it to can choose which gourmet dishes to purchase for this amount. Or they can choose to combine the value of the gift card with cash.

CookinGenie is a platform to browse and book Cincinnati private chefs. Our chefs (we call them Genies) shop for groceries, come to the address, cook and serve the gourmet order, and clean up the kitchen afterward. It’s great food, without the kitchen chores!

CookinGenie gift cards are ideal to include in your gift box. And now, more details on which are the top four Cincinnati gift baskets for corporate gifting.

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The Best of Cincinnati, Inc. Gift Baskets

Operating since 1990, The Best of Cincinnati gift baskets boasts of a wide range of gift boxes packed with the city’s culinary bests. Think of it as a one-stop-shop to taste Cincinnati. Of course, their Cincinnati gift basket also includes Montgomery Inn products and Cincinnati Bengals merch.

Gift Box Content and Bestsellers

The price range for a Cincinnati gift basket is between $45 and $160. Their gift boxes are made up of the city’s staples: Skyline Chili, Frisch’s Tartar Sauce, Graeter’s Chocolates, and so much more.

A special mention goes out to their “Cincinnati’s Best” basket, which, for $159.95 plus shipping, comes with a delightful set of coasters that capture the city’s spirit through landmarks like Music Hall and The Union Terminal.

Other than the famed foods, the coasters showcasing Cincinnati’s landmarks – Music Hall, The Riverfront, The Union Terminal, and Fountain Square – add a touch of nostalgia.

Quick Notes

  1. Prices: $44.95 to $159.95
  2. Products: Gift baskets filled with local Cincinnati foods.
  3. Shipping: Available, costs extra. For local, individual deliveries, the fee is only $10.95. For large orders, special arrangements and discounts are available.
  4. Special Mention: Cincinnati’s Best Gift Box ($159.95 + shipping). Comes with a set of coasters showcasing famous Cincinnati landmarks: Music Hall, The Riverfront, The Union Terminal, and Fountain Square.

Cincy In A Box Gift Baskets

Evoking memories of the Queen City, Cincy in a Box is more than not just a gift. It’s a curated Cincinnati experience. It ranks high on our list of Cincinnati gift basket ideas, because of free shipping and its authenticity. Prices range from $45 to $65, and each box carries with it a little bit of Cincinnati.

What sets this apart?

The customization. Pick between a 5, 7, or 10-item box and fill it with icons like Skyline Chili, Graeter’s chocolates, Frisch’s Tartar Sauce, or LaRosa’s sauces. Tailor it to suit your recipient’s tastebuds.

With boxes starting at $45, the free shipping (including military addresses) is the cherry on top, ensuring a taste of Cincinnati reaches wherever hearts yearn for it.

Quick Notes

  1. Prices: Choose from three different box sizes, 5-Item Box for $45, 7-Item Box for $54, or 10-Item Box for $65.
  2. Products: The box can be filled with Cincinnati favorites like Bengals merchandise, Skyline Chili, Graeter’s chocolates, LaRosa’s sauces, and more.
  3. Shipping: They offer free shipping to U.S. and military addresses.

Graeter’s Gift Baskets

Graeter’s is not just ice cream, it’s a legacy. Since 1870, four generations of the Graeter family have churned out what many Cincinnatians’ claim is the “best ice cream.”

What makes Graeter’s stand out is its dense, creamy texture. Couple that with their soft, delectable chocolate chips and you’ve got magic in a bowl.

From the Ice Cream Pie 2-Pack priced at $104.95 to the lactose-free “Perfect Indulgence Gift Selection” priced up to $134.95, there’s something for every ice cream aficionado here. They also support charities like “The Cure Starts Now” through their Warrior Pack, priced at $79.95.

Graeter’s sends their ice cream gift boxes in specially designed coolers for nationwide ice cream delivery, guaranteeing frozen ice-creams. No mean feat!

Gift Packs:

  1. Ice Cream Pie 2-Pack: Two handcrafted pies for $104.95.
  2. Signature Deluxe Party Packs: Starting from $115.00 for 6 pints to $155.00 for 12 pints.
  3. Chocolate Lover’s, Party Starter, Signature Chip, and Grand Gift Selections: Priced between $79.95 and $119.95.
  4. Perfect Indulgence Gift Selection: Vegan, lactose-free ice cream, available in 6-pint and 12-pint selections priced at $89.95 and $134.95 respectively.
  5. Single Serving Big Scoops (48-Pack): Ready-to-serve packaging in multiple flavors.

Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine Gift Basket

This gourmet paradise can be found in Cincinnati’s historic Hyde Park Square. Established in 1996, the Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine shop stands as a testament to quality, variety, and tradition.

Gift Baskets

All gift baskets contain gourmet fares. Gift baskets with wines and without wines are available.

Gift baskets range from occasion-centric baskets like the “Celebrate Any Occasion Basket” at $125 to themed ones like the “Italian Dinner” at $185, there’s something for every gourmet lover. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, dive into the “Say It In Style Champagne Basket” at $165.

Quick Note

  1. Prices: Corporate Gift Baskets are $75 – $200; Cincinnati Gift Baskets are $100 – $125.
  2. Preparation: Each basket needs a 48-hour preparation time.
  3. Delivery: For the festive season, they guarantee local Christmas deliveries for orders placed by Thursday, December 22nd.
  4. Special Mention: Overture by Opus Wine Basket – Gourmet wine, packaged perfectly makes for a tasteful corporate gift.

A Taste of Cincinnati

Cincinnati gift baskets are the ideal way to package the Cincinnati experience. It’s the perfect choice for corporate gifting by a business in Cincinnati, or for someone who has a special connection to the Buckeye state.

Cincinnati favorites like Skyline Chili, Grater’s Ice Creams, Frisch’s Tartar Sauce, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce, or Cincinnati Bengals merchandise, will be present in most Cincinnati gift basket ideas you come across.

The four Cincinnati gift basket makers covered in this blog post personify everything that’s unique about Cincinnati. They should be your starting places when searching for the best gift baskets in Cincinnati.

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