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Top Thai Restaurants in Lexington

Lexington is known for many things. It is worldwide famous for its horses, music, and historical significance. But do you know what is that one more thing it should be famous for? The Thai food.

This city entertains crowds of all tastes but caters to Thai food lovers exceptionally. Many restaurants offer irresistible Thai food in Lexington, and in this blog post, we’ll give a quick tour of the best. Let’s begin!

Jasmine Rice Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine

Jasmine Rice Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine offers an authentic and flavorful Thai dining experience in Lexington. Jasmine Rice stands out at #1 for its commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients.

Their kitchen ensures every dish is prepared fresh daily. The restaurant’s warm, welcoming atmosphere makes guests feel like they aren’t visiting for the first time.

One of the standout dishes at Jasmine Rice is their Curry Noodles. This dish features Thai red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, carrots, bell peppers, baby corn, and yellow onions served over thin rice noodles.

Another must-try is their Phó. This Vietnamese classic is a steaming bowl of white rice noodles in beef broth. It also has thin slices of beef and a spray of aromatic spices like green chili, lime, basil, yellow and green onions, and bean sprouts. You can also customize your Phó with your choice of protein.

At Jasmine Rice, customers can dine in, take their Thai food in Lexington, KY, to go, or have them cater their next event.

Must-Try Dishes

  • Egg Roll
  • Deep Fried Thai Roll
  • Chicken Satay
  • Pot Stickers
  • Yum Woon Sen
  • Tofu Salad
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Tom Ka Kai
  • Pad Thai
  • Curry Noodles
  • Pad Lad Naa
  • Thai Fried Rice
  • Crab Fried Rice
  • Pad Cashew
  • Pad Khing
  • Green/Red/Pineapple/Yellow Curry
  • Phó Gà
  • Fried Egg
  • Thai Mango Sticky Rice
  • Jasmine Hot Tea

Archa Nine Thai Kitchen

This family-owned spot offers authentic Thai flavors you’ll love, whether you’re a Thai food fan or trying it for the first time. Here’s why you should check it out.

Chef Tom Rungcharoen started Archa Nine Thai Kitchen. He learned to cook from his grandmother in Bangkok and brought those traditional recipes to Lexington. Now, he shares his love for Thai food with chef-prepared meals in Lexington.

Walking into Archa Nine, you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles and a warm, inviting space. The decor mixes modern and traditional Thai styles with colorful paintings of Thai landscapes on the walls. It’s a cozy and welcoming place.

Archa Nine Thai Kitchen caters to different dietary needs. Many menu items can be made vegan, and gluten-free options are available. Just let your server know your preferences, and they’ll help you find suitable Thai food in Lexington.

Must Try Dishes

  • Summer Rolls
  • Crispy Duck
  • Pad Thai
  • Thai Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum)
  • Thai Famous Ribs
  • Drunken Noodles
  • Kee Mao Noodles (Spicy Basil Noodles)

Planet Thai

Planet Thai has been a favorite spot in Lexington since it opened in 2002. This restaurant is known for its authentic Thai atmosphere and delicious meals.

Planet Thai offers a cozy, Thailand-inspired setting. The menu features a variety of fresh, made-to-order dishes, including many vegetarian options.

The noodle dishes at Planet Thai are especially popular, thanks to their homemade sauces. One of the best dishes is the Chicken Pad Ruam Mit, which includes chicken, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, onion, bell pepper, and mushroom. The soups here are also highly recommended.

Must-Try Dishes

  • Vegetarian Pot Sticker
  • Bean Noodle Salad
  • Fried Wonton
  • Crab Rangoon
  • Yellow Curry
  • Planet Thai Noodles
  • Massaman Curry
  • Fried Tofu
  • Green and Pineapple Curries
  • Deep Fried Squid
  • Spring Rolls
  • Chicken Satay
  • Green Curry Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Salad Rolls
  • Wonton Soup
  • Thai Salad

Tuk Tuk Snack Shop

Next up is a place redefining the services of nice restaurants in Lexington, KY. Tuk Tuk Snack Shop is a popular new Lexington restaurant founded by Chef Sam Fore. Fore started her culinary career with pop-up events in 2016 and has since cooked in top kitchens nationwide. She was recently a Best Chef: Southeast finalist in the 2023 James Beard Foundation Awards and has received praise from national publications.

The Tuk Tuk Snack Shop menu combines Sri Lankan cooking techniques and ingredients with classic Southern dishes. The menu categories are sandwiches, big snacks, sides, bakery items, and desserts.

Must-Try Dishes

  • The Webster
  • The Duke
  • Corndogs
  • The Tuey (2-E)
  • The Sterling
  • Rice Bowls and House-Made Bread


If you want the best flavors of Thai cuisine, then Nat’s it! Reviewers say the food served here is worth every penny. Nat is famous for its great service and friendly staff, who are always ready to help.

Its fair prices are another reason why people love Nat’s.

However, you should remember there is no dining option; this place offers Thai food in Lexington, KY, for orders and takeout.

Must-Try Dishes

  • Pad Thai
  • Spicy Beef Salad
  • Drunken Noodle
  • Fried Rice
  • Hot Wings
  • Tom Yum Soup

Thai Street Food Kitchen

A meal from Thai Street Food Kitchen will warm you up from inside and out. Thai Street Food Kitchen has made its name in the list of vegan restaurants in Lexington, KY. This restaurant is one of those places you might easily miss in a sea of options, but once you sit here and savor a meal, you’ll realize that this fish is best in the sea.

This eatery’s limited seating options contribute to the warm and cozy ambiance. They are also open to delivering food; you can customize vegetarian and vegan dishes. The owner, Anthony Nath, aims to bring as much authenticity and quality to Thai food in Lexington as possible.

Must-Try Dishes

  • Andaman Surfer
  • Pad Kra Prow with Duck
  • Thai hot
  • Pad Khi Mao
  • Panang Curry


The next time you crave Thai food in Lexington, KY, you’ll know where to go. The places listed above offer the most flavorsome Thai cuisine, and the recommendations make it easier to decide what to order.

However, if the summer heat makes you reconsider driving to these places, you can enjoy Thai cuisine right in your home. How? By hiring a private chef from CookinGenie.

Hiring a chef has multiple advantages over dining at a restaurant.

This option is budget-friendly, more convenient, and intimate. A private chef in Lexington, KY, will customize the menu according to your dietary restrictions and taste preferences, which you can’t get while dining at a commercial-level operating eatery.

So go on, pick what suits you the best, and relish the flavors of refreshing Thai food.

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