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Feb 22, 2024


Easter Brunch Traditions in Columbus

Easter is not just a holiday; it’s a feeling. It’s about renewal, family, and, most importantly, Easter brunch in Columbus, Ohio. Now, each place may have its twist on traditions, but the one thing that unites us all is the spirit of celebration.

In this blog, we’re diving deep into how Columbus celebrates Easter – the local twists, the mouthwatering specialties, and the activities that add that extra zing to the celebration.

Prepare for a celebration where every flavor feels like home and every moment is worth savoring.

Columbus Easter Food Traditions

Imagine a big potluck where everyone brings a dish from their cultural backpack. That’s Easter brunch in Columbus, Ohio! The city’s Easter table is a melting pot of flavors, from hot cross buns to lamb dishes.

Hot Cross Buns: A Sweet Start

Let’s kick things off with hot cross buns. They’re like little pillows of joy with a cross on top (hence the name). Cinnamon, nutmeg, and raisins make them a sweet surprise. Have you ever tried these? You should; they’re like a warm hug on Easter morning.

Lamb in The Center Stage

Move over ham; lamb is the new Easter rockstar in Columbus. It’s like a worldwide lamb party, with different countries roasting and seasoning it uniquely. Columbus embraces the lamb love in its style, making it a must food Columbus Ohio, on the Easter menu.

Italian Influences: Colomba Cake and Pastiera Napoletana

Italy, the land of pasta and amore, brings two delightful Easter desserts to the table. Colomba Cake is a soft, dove-shaped hug with raisins, candied orange, and all things sweet. On the other hand, Pastiera Napoletana is a citrusy, ricotta-rich party in your mouth. Columbus tastes Italy without leaving Ohio with these desserts on the Easter menu.

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Maamoul Cookies

Let’s take a detour to the Middle East with Maamoul Cookies. They’re edible art pieces with a swirl pattern and a date-paste surprise. An adventurous eater, Columbus welcomes these cookies with open arms during Easter. It’s a cookie journey you won’t want to miss.

Magiritsa Soup

Next stop, Greece! We pick a soup made with leftover lamb parts, eggs, lettuce, and a sprinkle of magic from Greece. That’s Magiritsa Soup, a Greek Easter essential. This appetizer is a must when crafting a menu for healthy food in Columbus Ohio, bringing a piece of Greece to the Easter table with this hearty soup.

Hornazo Meat Pie

Hola, Spain! Hornazo, a meat pie with ground beef, chorizo, and boiled eggs, is a Spanish Easter sensation. The dough is like a flavorful hug holding this meaty treasure. Columbus loves a good Easter pie, and Hornazo fits into the celebration.

Pashka Easter Cake

Let’s fly to Russia for a sweet surprise – Pashka Easter Cake. It’s more of a cheesecake with candied fruit and almonds and doesn’t need a crust. Spread it on slices of Kulich, another Russian Easter treat, and you’ve got a sweet Russian Easter feast. Columbus residents indulge in this soft cake marked with the XB, “Christ is Risen.”

Torta Pascualina

Torta Pascualina is a cousin to quiche, filled with spinach, cheese, and whole eggs. It’s like a veggie party in a golden crust and enjoyed from Argentina to Italy. Add this dish to your Easter brunch in Columbus, Ohio, and spin to this international delight during Easter.

Chocolate and Other Sweets

Let’s talk about something everyone loves: chocolate! Easter in Columbus is incomplete without foil-wrapped eggs, bunny-shaped chocolates, and everything sweet. The city has a sweet tooth, and Easter is the time to indulge. From the 1800s to now, Columbus has seen the evolution of chocolate treats, making Easter baskets a true delight.

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Traditional Easter Activities in Columbus

When taste buds are on high alert after the delicious Easter brunch in Columbus, Ohio, hop into the next chapter of our Easter adventure – the activities! Because let’s be honest, Easter is not just about what’s on the plate; it’s about creating memories, laughter, and a bit of eggcitement. So let’s dive into some traditional Easter activities that make your celebration Eggstra special!

Dyeing Eggs

Let’s get creative with egg dyeing! Columbus families add an “invisible” twist by using a white crayon. Doodle designs, swirls, and polka dots on the eggs before dipping them into dye. The result? “Invisible” designs are revealed in vibrant colors. It’s a hands-on activity that turns eggs into artistic masterpieces.

Painting Eggs

No dye? No problem! Columbus families turn to paint for an egg-decorating extravaganza. Paintbrushes, paint, and egg cartons become tools for creating vibrant, personalized eggs. It’s a colorful alternative that adds an artsy touch to Easter celebrations.

Egg Games

Let’s rewind to classic egg games. Think of egg toss, where partners throw eggs back and forth, taking steps back with each successful catch. It’s a symbol of fun and camaraderie. Columbus residents relive the joy of egg games, bringing a touch of tradition to their Easter celebrations.

Goodie Bag Ideas

Extend the Easter joy with goodie bags! Candy is a must, but why stop there? Columbus residents go out with coloring books, crayons, mini stuffed animals, sidewalk chalk, and Play-Doh. Keeping the Easter spirit alive after the brunch table is clear is a thoughtful gesture.

The Gift of Culinary Luxury 

Are you thinking beyond Easter? CookinGenie experiences make fantastic gifts. Surprise your loved ones with their private chef in Columbus Ohio, for a special occasion. It’s like giving the gift of a culinary adventure!


There you have it, Columbus – your Easter adventure awaits! From hot cross buns to hiring a personal chef, the city knows how to turn Easter into a culinary celebration. So, put on your Easter bonnet and prepare for a feast as diverse as Columbus. May your plates be full and your hearts fuller. 

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