Private Chef for your meals
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Private Chef for your meals in Cincinnati

The Process

Book your chef

You decide on the dishes you want. Customizable options, including vegan and plant-based selections, can be ordered.

We Shop

Your chosen Genie will shop the day of your meal for the ingredients they need to prepare the meal.

We Cook

The chef will come to your house with the necessary ingredients at the time you chose. They will make the dish in your kitchen, giving you with time to relax or focus on other tasks.

We Clean

After the chef makes the meal, it’s time to feast! They will rinse all pots, pans, and clean counters before they take off.

CookinGenie – Nothing like Global Cuisine from Your own Home

Private chefs are not just for the rich and famous any longer. Our affordable services mean you can get delicious meals at a price you can manage. And the effort you save cooking and cleaning gives you time to take care of important chores or relax with loved ones.

Our chefs are skilled tastemakers that can deliver cuisines from all over the world. We know you have a busy life, but you need high-quality meals, too. CookinGenie can be the partner you need to keep up with your fast-paced life and love the food you’re eating.

Hiring a private chef line-bottom_cookingenie to take all or some of the pressure off you to cook every day may be just what you need.

Dive into Different Cuisines from Around the Globe

Learn how we put together and serve delightful food for you!

Benefits of Hiring a Private Chef

Our meals are fresh and chef-made for you and they taste delicious.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and bought more than you planned? CookinGenie eliminates this issue as the Genies only buy the exact ingredients they need for your meal.

The variety at CookinGenie means you’ll get to try cuisine from all over the place!

All that time you usually spend in the kitchen can be spent relaxing, spending time with friends and family, or doing whatever else you want.

CookinGenie Reviews

A wonderful concept, affordable experience bringing fresh yummy food cooked right in our home.



Fantastic service and amazing food! We tried several Genies and we were happy with all of them


Elena Ferri

The food was well made and done timely. You get your bang for buck using this service.


Mose Gebremeskel

Excellent experience! Chef was very prompt, came in with all needed to prepare a meal.


Ritu Chakkarwar

How CookinGenie Can Help ?

Supports Local Chefs

Every dish gives a chef a chance to be seen and appreciated. It also helps them earn money doing something they’re passionate about.

Supports Fresh Eating

The combination of fresh ingredients and a talented chef means you get fresh meals that taste excellent.

Supports Your Busy Schedule

We know you’re busy and have a packed schedule. You need time back in your day. CookinGenie has you covered.

Included in our Private Chef

  • Variety of Dishes to Choose from
  • Fresh, tasty Ingredients
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Preparation in Your Kitchen
  • Cleanup

Included in our Private Chef

  • Variety of Dishes to Choose from
  • Fresh, tasty Ingredients
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Preparation in Your Kitchen
  • Cleanup

Frequently Asked Question

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Yes, plating service is an option upon request.

Yes. Your Genie will use your pots and pans, as needed, to make the meals. They will clean everything they use when they finish preparing the meal.

Of course, we can cater meals to meet your dietary needs. Be sure to give us any of this information up front, so that we can provide the best service possible.